10 Books Every Business Leader Should Read to Get Massive Results

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There are so many great books we could recommend, but these 10 are the most relevant right now if you want to take your business and yourself to the next level.

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1. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products


Find yourself going to the same website or app unconsciously? It isn’t an accident. It will happen over and over – you are hooked. Hooked is possibly the best book I have read on the making people addicted to your product. It shamelessly walks you through the steps. This is a huge piece of knowledge for you and your company to have.

2. Social: Why our Brains our Wired to Connect


In a world of looking at social networks through screens all day and observing narcissistic little wanna be celebrities all around us, we secretly crave something – real social connection. Social reveals a study that shows that human connection can be a better pain reliever than over the counter medicine and even prescription drugs. Maybe it’s time to put the computer or tablet down and talk to people face to face for a few hours? Great, life changing read.

3. Sam Walton: Made in America

Made In America

Made in America by Sam Walton goes through the growth of Wal-Mart from basically nothing to the biggest brick and mortar retailer in the world. Written in the voice of Sam Walton with the help of John Huey, this book is transformational beyond words. Get it now.

4. Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s

Grinding it out

Much like the story of Wal-Mart, McDonalds grew from one small store in California to serving about 69 million customers a day (according to latest estimates). The man responsible? Ray Kroc. Books like Grinding It Out and Made in America will remind you that hard work and that delusional sense of “this idea is amazing” sometimes pays off in the end.

5. Boundaries: When to Say YES, When to Say NO, To Take Control of Your Life


Boundaries and #8 on our list, Essentialism, are must reads for business leaders who seem to have no time for anything anymore. Both books are excellent reminders that you can have a soul while at the same time doing what you love and making a ton of money.

6. The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money

The Narrow Road

The late Felix Dennis reminds us that if you want to be worth millions or billions, you can’t be doing what everyone else is doing. That may seem obvious but he goes through the painful truths that you might not want to hear. A great read especially in a time where there are so many distractions to our success. Combine these principals with those in Essentialism / Boundaries and you will be headed towards being happy and successful.

7. Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

If there is one thing you need to be doing as a leader it is performing. The only way to perform is to constantly get meaningful stuff done. David Allen lays out a system that has been adopted by millions of people. There is a new software program that pops up every week that tries to give you a digital version of his system. We recommend ToodleDo.

8. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


Are you too much of a yes man or women? Well, It could be slowly ruining your life. If you have already read Boundaries or similar books, at least listen to the audio version of this on the way to work or during your next work out.

9. The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead

What do Mark Cuban (Owner, of Dallas Mavericks), Even Williams (Twitter Co-Foundr), the late Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple / Pixar), Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) and many other business leaders have in common? They all are highly inspired by Ayn Rands beautiful piece of fiction – The Fountainhead. Putting aside the dogma about Objectivism, the novel teaches you to think through your own eyes and really come into your own as a leader.

10. Killing Sacred Cows

Killing Sacred Cows

In a non-stop consumer culture it can be hard to manage money. Even the highest paid among us are often living paycheck to paycheck and can’t catch a break because they just can’t get a hold of proper money management. The problem is you are being brainwashed by society and Killing Sacred Cows reminds you the real things that are important – and paying big banks fees or money managers to use your hard earned cash for their personal interests are not important.

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