12 Tips to Make your Next Business Event Fun

As your business grows and experiences success, one of the best things you can do for your team is make your parties / gathering fun. Too often people put fun on the back burner.

fun party

1. Have a DJ & a Dance Floor

Good music allows people to have a great time. Make sure you pick a DJ that will play a wide variety of stuff and please everybody. Good Vibes!

2. Involve Pizza

Party and Pizza are basically synonymous when it comes to having a great business event. Everyone loves pizza!

3. Transform Your Office to a Place of Party

Have a group of your employees or interior decorators re-decorate the office to fit a theme. This will make the party feel like its not at work.

4. Allow employees to bring at least one person from outside the company for the occasion

It’s important for your employees family and friends see where they work. It can also be great PR, so bring your A game.

5. Drinks!

If you have extra money, hire a bartender for the occasion to whip up some unique drinks for everyone. Make and name a special drink just for that event!

6. Fun Board Games

Board games are not bored games if you pick the right ones. If you are hosting family, be sure the games you pick are kid friendly and they can understand it.

7. Surprise Awards

There is nothing better than surprising one of your team members with a special award. Giving that recognition is front of everyone will make this gathering a meaningful event. It may even bring some tears!

8. Management Dance Off

If your day to day work environment is very uptight and stressful having a management dance off can be a hilarious moment of relief for your employees. There is nothing better than seeing your superiors dance around!

9. Give out company Promotional Products / Swag

Give out swag as people come in to your event – there are so many products you can put your logo on and we are here to help 🙂

10. Give Gifts to Employees

There are numerous gifts that are perfect for the occasion such as a cookies with your logo on them and other edibles. Try and make these gifts personalized so people really feel special. No gift is one size fits all.

11. Video Games!

Putting an Xbox One or Nintendo Wii can make the event 10x more fun. Sounds trivial but it is basically all but proven scientifically at this point.

12. Take the party outside your office for once.

There are so many places – bowling, a local bar, a restaurant, etc. Sometimes people just need to meet up outside the office, it lightens things up a lot.

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