2 Unique Ways to Use Custom Products to Help Raise Awareness and Fund Raise!

custom products for fundraising

Bringing awareness to a cause that is near and dear to you can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Be it cost or the product you want to make sure that what you customize is something that will benefit your organization or cause.

Have you customized products before?

If you have chosen custom products before it is a bit easier for you to have a general idea of what you want to customize. After having customized a few products you have a better idea of how the process works as well as the amount of profit you make after the cost of the product.

Every cause is unique– so make sure that is the mindset you are in when choosing a new product to raise awareness!

Make It To Go

No i’m not talking about a combo from in & out — although that does sound delicious right now. Choose a product that they will be able to wear or keep on their being– be it one day or everyday. Something both simple and discreet like a button can be amazing for this. It can be placed on a shirt or even added to a purse as a small token of support when raising awareness.

Another product that will definitely be great for this can be something like a key-chain. Be it a flashlight keychain or even a 2d rubber keychain can be a great way for people to show off their support for your cause– while ultimately allowing them to educate others on the same cause by using it as an ice breaker. It’s a win-win. 🙂

Give Em’ Something Useful

How many times have you been given a product that you buy in order to support a cause but never end up using. Is your organization actually using something like this?

Consider products that will be used time and time again. Consider using putting some valuable information that will help raise awareness on products like calendars or even mouse pads. These two products will ensure that the get a lot of valuable information in a product they will be using for a while.

Products like these are great because they allow the user to have something they will use for a while and also allow you to fairly charge a bit extra therefore helping your fundraising strategy.

Great Products Everyone Can Use

Finally, aside from the products i’ve mentioned above there are custom products like silicone wristbands, wrist sweatbands, and head sweatbands that are both amazing and inexpensive– just not quite as unique. 🙂

When raising awareness custom products can be an essential tool you use to help inform and educate people. Your cause can be anywhere from raising awareness/fundraising for a loved one who is a cancer patient or it can be used to help raise money/awareness for people affected by a natural disaster.


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