20 of the Best Promotional Products for Schools

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When choosing promotional giveaways or merchandise for your school it is best to stick with inexpensive items that represent you well. These 20 items are not only cost effective, but they are time tested products that students of all ages will actually use. It is possible to embroider or print your logo on all of these items.

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1. Pens – Everyone still uses a pen. We are not sure for how much longer, but one thing is for sure – you can get a whole lot of great pens on the cheap! Put your schools logo on them and give them to staff or students.

2. Pencil – These are great for a math related events and more. We have both the standard type of pencils and mechanical depending on what fits your preference or budget.

3. Erasers – Also another great giveaway for people who will constantly need to be revising their work during school.

4. Notebooks – This should be a standard item in any school shop, whether high school or college. Putting your logo on notebooks for as little as $500 for 300. That is 1.76 per notebook, for something that will sell easily for $5 or $10 in your shop.

5. Backpacks – We have an excellent selection of backpacks. Some are modern looking and some are styled old school. We recommend keeping both types in your spirit shop. These are also great to give as awards to students or teachers who outperform.

6. Silicone Wristbands – There are two products that show no signs of slowing down for school fundraisers – one inch silicone bracelets and logo slap bracelets. These two items are easy wins for your promotional efforts and have a long shelf life.

7. Sweatbands (headbands or wristbands) – It is widely known that we have the best quality sweatbands on the market and also the most options. Our sister site Suddora offers plain sweatbands in a variety of colors, the exact same bands we embroider logos on here at CustomOnIt.com.

8. Lanyards – Lanyards are a great item for teachers or to give to guests. They are perfect for an identification item and can be re-used over and over. We have worked with many of the top universities on custom logo lanyards.

9. Clipboards – Many of the clipboards orders we get are for sports coaches – basketball, football, soccer, baseball and more. Clipboards provide an easy way to keep stats with a nice writing surface. We can print your logo on both the clip and the actual board depending on your preference.

10. Cookies – Wouldn’t your parent teacher conferences be much better if their were cookies that had your school mascot on them? Surely, you would feel hip. The parents would think your school is much better because everyone likes sweets. Cookies and other logo sweets can be used in a variety of different ways including the most common is as a gift.

11. Lunch Bags – For younger kids, teachers and anyone who brings their lunch. These bags are the perfect giveaway and they are super high quality!

12. Stress Balls – This is under the category of a universal promotional item. Not only will people use the stress balls but they will play with them. This is a great staff giveaway or good for a gift bag to parents. Stress balls can also be used a recruiting advertising item.

13. Bookmarks – Excellent class giveaway on the cheap! As a teacher you can give these out to your class with a special inspirational message that they will see every time you read.

14. Foam Hands – If one of your sports team is headed to the playoffs or the finals, logo foam fingers can be made on the quick. They can be made just a few days after you a approve your artwork.

15. Healthy Snacks – More and more people are becoming health conscious. You can align your promotional efforts with this as well by putting your logo on healthy edibles like mixed nuts and trail mix.

16. T shirts – This one is a staple when it comes to keeping your school shop stocked. Everyone wears one and there are a variety of different options for athletics and even the cold season.

17. Pins / Buttons – Great to give as a badge or for special events and ceremony. We can help you design a great button.

18. Adhesive Notes – Simple, cost effective giveaway for your teaching staff. Put a inspirational or motivational message on them or buy them blank in different colors.

19. Binders / Folders – We find that these sell the best in college shops since a binder, folder or notebook is always needed at the last second or even to keep students more organized. If students are going to be using binders, they should be using the ones with your school logo on them! Plus, they just look better 😉

20. Keychains – We offer a wide variety of keychains to customize. These are great college giveaways during recruiting events and can also be sold at an inexpensive price at your college supply shop. Another great school spirit item that is a must have.

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