Silly Adults Balloons Aren’t Just For Kids– 3 Simple Ways To Implement Balloons At Your Next Event

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A little bit of color here and throw a little bit of color over there. Get your decorations up and then you’re ready to go! Right? Not right. You’re putting together this great event & the last thing you want is for the guest to be bored with yet another dull cookie-cutter party. Add a personalized flair to your event by getting a bit creative!


Custom printed or imprinted balloons are a great addition to any party or corporate event. Order them in bulk and now you’ve really got something! Custom balloons can be used for all types of events and can be personalized to suit you, your occasion, or your company! No longer will you need the dull generic balloons that say “congrats!” “Happy birthday” or “it’s a boy/girl”. Why not add a bit of personality into your decorations and truly make them yours.

Whether it is a 50th birthday party, a corporate event, a wedding, a baby shower, graduation party, bat mitzvah, anniversary, or even a fundraiser, use these balloons to add some color and add a personalized message, design, or logo! It’s fun, easy, and simple to do. At a discounted wholesale rate why not just go for it? There are many ways to incorporate balloons into the décor.

Here are 3 ways you can use your awesome new customized balloons!

1. Light up the room: Throw a hand full of mini glow sticks or mini LED lights inside of your balloon and watch them add a little glow to the room! Really make you’re the message or logo on your customized balloons POP! (just not literally)

2. Balloon Chandelier: You bought the balloons, but you ran out of helium! What are you to do now? The party is only a few hours away and there is no time to go looking for a helium tank. Well just put a bit of creativity into it and you can create some easy to make balloon chandeliers. Here are some great step by step guides, they are easier than you think!



3.Balloon centerpieces: A cute and easy centerpiece with your logo, design, or announcement! Let your centerpieces speak for themselves with your custom balloons. Make the center pieces short, long, bulky, or small. You can fun with the colors and strings. Very inexpensive and easy make!
There are numerous fun and creative ways to incorporate your custom balloons into the décor. Think outside the box and really send that message!

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