3 Unique Custom Products to Set your Band or Music Fans Apart from the Rest!

unique custom products for faithful music fans

Rockin’ and rolling has never felt so good! Music popularity is on the rise and the number of new festivals for indie bands, mainstream bands, and even EDM music has grown exponentially. With the amount of exposure you may be receiving or are working on in your humble garage, bedroom or creative space, you must think of your supporters.

No matter how incredible your music is – whatever genre that may be – the people who support you, your fans, are they key people to please. After all, if no one likes you—you’ll never get anywhere.

Small scale touring bands can also benefit highly form their fans. How? Custom merchandise is the best way for fans to support you both financially while providing exposure to your band!

When preparing to tour smaller scale touring bands have to either a.) Put money out of their own pockets—and face it; that’s not always fun or b.) Use the money they’ve earned from their merch and cd sales to pay for everything.

When you add everything from gas, to hotel, to food up you’ll soon realize that it can get expensive pretty fast. But alas, no matter what genre you may fall in—finding custom products that will separate you from the other artists in your league should be a fun no brainer!

So this leads us to—our 3 unique products for your band or music group no matter what scale!

1.)    Now let’s start with a product that you’ve probably starting to see at band merch tables. I’ve seen these at a few shows that I’ve been to like From Indian Lakes and even Panic! At The Disco. They are one of the first products to sell out. I myself have been too late in getting one of my own on a few occasions.
Custom Tote or Canvas bags are highly popular item for the female (or even male fans) It can be difficult at times to find spacious bags to be able to fit the necessities one needs while being stylish! I myself am the proud owner of a few band totes and I absolutely love them! Super spacious with great artwork or bold letters for some of my favorite bands. It’s safe to say I use them often – I wish more of my favorite bands/artists would offer these at their booths.

2.)    Creativity is something that comes as second nature to you; so why not use that creativity to your advantage and create an awesomely strange design to put on a bottle opener. That’s right; a bottle opener!
A bottle opener will be a fantastic product to offer to your fans! They’ll be able to crack open a beer or soda in their homes with a stainless steel bottle opener as their reminder and keepsake for a very long time! We offer tons of different styles of these babies and you won’t think twice one you take a look at them—you’ll even keep a couple for yourselves!

3.)    Right, on to the next one—and last one! The last of the 3 unique products for your band are our soft vinyl key chains. You read correctly! While the key chain itself is a widely popular not-so-unique product– the way you can use it can be.
These soft vinyl key chains are available in full color and can be a great way to promote your next album with full artwork, your newest single, or it can just be an awesome way to get creative with some exclusive art for your concert attendees! The options are endless for this product and they will be a top seller at your merch table.

No matter what the products are that you choose—whether you decide on slap koozies, stickers, t-shirts or even custom coffee mugs (how cool would that be?) you can’t go wrong. If you need or have some great ideas leave a comment below; I’d be thrilled to hear from you!  Your fans will thank you for the exclusive unique merchandise that will separate them from the rest of the fans around the world.

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