3 Ways Custom Headwear Is Great For Your Promotional Advertising Strategy

Are you in the midst of ordering yet another batch of pens for your next trade show giveaway? Did the customized magnets you had done not work as great as you hoped they would? Do you not a have a single clue what to order?

Well, I’ve said it before and I will say it again; Not all custom products are created equally. They are a variety of incredibly different and unique creatures, if you will, that can’t thrive in just any environment. There are some things you need  to consider before you choose the right one and there are some situations you should also keep in mind.

As you know, we all use personalized products in order to represent our brand, image, or company. It’s the oldest form of marketing and the reason it’s stuck around all these years is that it works; otherwise people wouldn’t be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it. According to an article from PPAI 82% of people own between 1-10 promotional products while 88% of consumers surveyed could recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 12 months and 62% could recall the message.

It’s safe to say that promotional advertising tools are powerful and here to stay but are you reaching and influencing your target audience like you wish you could be?

1) Perfect Giveaway For Outdoor Events

What comes to mind when you think of the great outdoors? Fresh air, open space, and lots and lots of sunshine. We all love it but when it comes to hosting or participating in an outdoor event it is sometimes difficult to find some shelter from the sun. This is where products like baseball hats or even bandanas may come in handy. Your logo on a product like this can be used as a great item to giveaway or sell at your merch booth.

Not only will you be providing a product that can offer a nice amount of relief from the sun you will also be leaving a very positive impression with the recipients. From running marathons, outdoor festivals of all kinds, or even fundraising events certain headwear can be a huge hit.

2) Maximum Brand Exposure

It’s worn to be seen and it couldn’t be better than that. Unlike other custom wearables, head wear is something that is always seen wherever it may be worn. The best part of that is that selfies, photo ops, and any even day to day grocery shopping or gym time become your best friends.Your logo will surely be seen in any given photo. The amount of  exposure you will be getting on all different kinds of spectrums is amazing and you will find yourself to be very happy with your choices.

3) Constantly In Mind

The right choice of head wear can be powerful when chosen carefully for your target audience. If you are trying to reach yogis everywhere you might consider customizing a yoga headband with your logo in a nice and vibrant color or if you are trying to reach a more general audience a baseball cap might be the right thing for casual hat wearers.

If you choose the right product you will find that most of your audience will happily and consciously choose to wear their new hat or headband on a regular basis. This will definitely help them remember your company’s name and more importantly what it is you do.

So Much To Choose From

We know that headwear can have a large impact but making sure you use the right kind is also essential– but you have so much to choose from! Let me help narrow it down a bit for you.

Custom Elastic Hair Bands & Non Slip Hairbands

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Let’s start off with a few different elastic hairbands– these logos all look so great on these headbands– though we may be a little biased/ 😉 Elastic and non slip hair bands are both great choices for the ladies to keep their hair and bangs out of their face. Thus making this a great choice for those trying to reach an audience of women that work out or want to start. If chosen in the right color these can also be worn casually. From a  hairband lined with velvet for ultimate staying power without hair pulling to a thick and ultra-stretchy hairband that will keep hair nicely pulled back your audience will thank you.

Custom Bandanas & Tube/Multi-functional Bandanas

custom bandanas, custom bandanas with logo, custom multifunctional bandanas,

 These two products right here? I love them. They are a great choice for virtually any company or promotional event because they have been deemed a fashion accessory by a large and wide variety of people.Your logo can be subtle or it can fill a large area of space and it will still be worn! The beauty of these two products is that they can be used for so many things! Making them useful to not only the avid hiker or motorcyclist but also for the fashionista.

Tube bandanas are quickly becoming top selling products because of their versatility. Why not get in on the action and put your logo on one?

Baseball/Traditional Hats

custom baseball hats, custom hats, custom hats for promotional advertising

Another awesome choice for those looking to reach a specific outdoor audience or even the casual hat wearers of the world these baseball caps come from a simple hat, two tone, or fully custom hat that you can customize to truly and properly represent your brand..This product is made from scratch meaning you can choose a simply cap or choose the way the entire cap looks– impressive? We think so. 🙂

Custom Headbands & Beanies

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Last but certainly not least these items have been our best sellers for sometime now. It’s easy to but your logo on a beanie, fleece winter headband, yoga headband, or our amazing cotton terry cloth headbands. No matter the event or the season we’ve got you covered with these top sellers. Your brand is sure to make a statement and the comfort of this product will leave anyone on the receiving end anxious to wear it again and again.

There are tons of headbands and hats to choose from but don’t let that overwhelm you. Just remember what event your using these for and who you are trying to reach, you’ll do great. If you’re not sure which of the many choice will better suit you give us a call! at 1-877-287-9287 We’re here to help and we’d love to help make some suggestions to you.

Which do you plan on using for your next event?

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