4 Creative and Unique Custom Promotional Products for Outdoor Events You Probably Haven’t Thought of Yet.

custom products for outdoor events unique

So here you are. Reading this article that you are probably only reading because you are drawing a complete blank; but that’s okay—that’s why I’m here! J

Outdoor events can be tricky to plan— and finding custom products to promote your brand at the event can sometimes be quite the task. Stray form the generic and overused promotional products that will more than likely end up in the garbage or all over the floors and consider the following unique products!

  1. Custom Rain Ponchos

If you are an event planner that knows the business well you know that outdoor events are always up in the air when it comes to weather. You can plan the perfect summer event on one of the warmest, nicest, weekends of the year—but sometimes despite all the efforts you make and no matter how great the forecasts look; Mother Nature sometimes has a drastically different plan for that day.

The temperature may have dropped a significant amount, wind gusts may appear out of nowhere, and sometimes rain might show up to your event as well. When you live in a city where unexpected weather is a common thing you must always be prepared for the worst. Custom rain ponchos for your event will do just that. Not only will you be offering your event attendees a product that will make their experience so much better while being a low cost promotional product for you.

2. Custom Bug Repellent Bracelets

There’s always something special about going to an outdoor event. Whether it’s a music festival, an all-day fundraising, event, or a huge corporate office party BBQ—being outside getting some fresh air is one of the best ways to spend an event. The downside? BUGS! ICK! & if you’re like me even the thought of them makes your skin crawl.


With the great outdoors come the not-so-great-and sometimes-hungry bugs. Mosquitoes and bugs in general are a big problem; I mean how many times do you find yourself awkwardly smacking your own face and arms while you’re in the middle of a conversation? It’s not fun.

Yes, they’ve made bug repellent sprays but those smell gross and make too much of a mess. So why not offer your event attendees an eco-friendly bug repellent bracelet with your logo? It’s a easy and simple solution; our bug repellent bracelets repel for approximately 40 hours, are water/sweat proof, and the best part about these wristbands is that they don’t contain harmful chemicals! Bug repellent wristbands are sure to be appreciated by anyone who hate being bugged by bugs!


3.Custom Collapsible Water Bottles


Outdoor summer events will take a lot out of you and can even leave you dehydrated. Make sure you allow your guests to keep the grounds clean by providing them with a complimentary collapsible water bottle!

Collapsible water bottles are a popular product for hikers because they are ultra-durable and be folded to fit small spaces. While these water bottles are a hiker’s go-to product they can also be used as creative giveaways for outdoor events.

How? If you are at all familiar with the green movement; you know that everyone is trying doing what they can in contributing to helping the environment as much as they possibly can. This is where these collapsible water bottles come in! They can be used to drastically reduce the amount of waste from water bottles that WILL occur at your events by allowing people to get free water throughout their day rather than spending a ridiculous 5 dollars per small bottle of water—more or less. Water stations have become a normal thing at major outdoor festivals and can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. The collapsible water pouches are a great low cost choice for easy and effective advertising!

4. Custom UV Color Changing Wristbands


Finally, it’s obvious that most events require wristbands—and wristbands are also becoming first choice compared to event tickets. They are a great and easy way to give your guests access to your event and the best part is that they change colors in the sun; making the wristbands exclusive and fun for your attendees only!

Outdoor events don’t have to be a headache; all it takes is a little preparation! These unique products for your next outdoor event are incredibly low-cost and high quality. Leave the generic products to the other event planners and go on with this unique route. Have questions or suggestions? Leave your Thoughts in the comments below!

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