Go Green Or Go Home–Great Giveaway Products That Can Help Reduce Waste To The Environment


We are (finally) reaching an era where the GREEN movement is finally being recognized—took us long enough right? We have done so much damage to our planet and it seems that there is a growing community that wants to help our beloved Mother Earth get back up on her feet. Every bit counts and also every little bit helps. The interest is growing in all aspects of living and the green community is hoping it is something that will catch on.
There are a number of small but important changes that you may implement in to your daily life that can help a large number of ways. Have you seen Glad’s latest attempt at helping the environment step forward by allowing you to make a simple change?



There is now a large and growing community on Pinterest of people creating their own chemical free and harmless cleaners for the home, personal hygiene products such as shampoo or toothpaste, to even natural products and pesticides for the home garden. There are now hundreds of eco-friendly boards on Pinterest showing how people are personally making small changes to their lives in hopes that it will make an impact to the world.


So how does this affect your company you may ask?


Being a company that is respected and well-known is great—but why not showcase your interest in such a movement and provide products that are friendly for the environment by being 100% reusable and reducing waste? There are hundreds of products that you are able to use that will create less waste to landfills and allow for less litter for the streets you walk on every day. Using this as a marketing strategy can be an incredible thing for your business or company. Here are a few products that you may want to consider for your next attempt at providing sustainable marketing giveaways.
Sustainable customizable products—this can mean anything with your logo that will either be chemical free or long lasting to reduce waste. Here are some terrific items to consider:
Fitness Water Bottle: This popular item is made from 25% recycled material and is itself a recyclable product. This plastic water bottle is BPA/lead free and promotes the use of a reusable source to carry water– rather than purchasing countless water bottles and tossing them into landfills every day. Whatever your business a water bottle giveaway will help promote a healthy hydrated body as well as a waste reducer and money saver!

“To put it in perspective and to validate the pledge we’ve estimated that if everyone in New York City were to use a reusable water bottle for one week, for one month, or for one year it would make a significant difference in reducing waste.

One week = 24 million bottles saved
One month = 112 million bottles saved
One year = 1.328 billion bottles saved” 
This according to an aritcle on refillnotlandfill.org


Shopping Tote Bag: Keep clients from using throw-away-able bags by giving them this tote bag for them to use time and time again. These bags are made to be sturdy all while promoting the use of one bag continuously to help reduce waste to the environment. These tote bags are a great product to consider in lieu of plastic bags for clothing stores or even book stores—once they reuse them your logo will be seen everywhere they go!

“If each bag is used multiple times — at least once a week — four or five reusable bags can replace 520 plastic bags a year”, says Nick Sterling, research director at Natural Capitalism Solutions, a nonprofit focused on corporate sustainability issues.


Balloons: Looking to give away a balloon or two at your next sale, informational booth at a convention/festival, or kid friendly event? Well look no further! Our balloons are made from a 100% bio-degradable material that is completely friendly to our environment. Your logo will look great floating around in the air while the balloon will not harm the environment once it has become time to throw it away.


Round Tin Candle: If you are looking for a small gift to give as a marketing giveaway to your clients that they may be able to enjoy then these candles would be great. Your logo will look completely amazing on top of these all natural soy candles. Soy is a renewable resource that burns longer than your average candle without all the harmful chemicals. In a variety of invigorating and uplifting scents, what’s not to like?


Finding the right product to better represent your company when it comes time to choosing your giveaways products will be easy, we offer you a large variety of wholesale products that your logo will look great on. So go ahead and take a look. If you are not sure what can work for your company go ahead pick up that phone and give us a call. We are always willing to lend a helping hand and give you some ideas for whatever will better suit your company. Teach the world that small changes will make a big difference.

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