5 Different Types of Sweatbands & Their Uses

embroidered headbands

We offer a variety of different sweatbands to embroider and print your logo on. These are the 5 most common types and how our customers normally use them.

1. Sweat Headbands

embroidered headbands

Headbands are by far the most popular type of sweat band we sell. Not only are they very useful as a sweat absorbing tool for runners and other athletes alike, but they also fill the need for that 80s nostalgia many of our clients are after. We work with huge marathons and specialty 5ks every year on headbands as a giveaway. Our soft cotton material is perfect for both athletic events like this and also corporate party’s! These are also great for gyms, basketball teams, tennis shops and so much more.

2. Sweat Wristbands

woven logo wristband

Second to headbands in popularity are cotton wristbands. Many clients purchase these in pairs or sets with a headband included. These wristbands generally apply to a wider audience since not everyone will wear a headband, but slipping something on your wrist is very easy. This is another very popular item with runners and 5Ks, but even more so with football sporting events. Many football players already wear cotton armbands or wristbands on each arm. Getting them to wear one with a team or corporate logo is easy and it makes for a great promotion. These are also great for musicians, just like armbands. People are always finding new uses for the bands, but they have consistently made for a great promo item.

3. Sweat Armbands

1 inch armbands embroidered

Armbands come in a variety of sizes and are meant to be worn on your arm as opposed to the wrist. The sizes are 1 inch, 4 inch and 6 inches. 1 Inch sweat armbands are most commonly worn by football players, whereas 4 inch and 6 inch are worn by basketball players, tennis players and more. Our 6 inch cotton band is also popular with guitarists and drummers in bands. Since its possible to apply your logo it makes a great item to sell at your bands merchandise booth. We are also able to customize packaging if this is something you are interested in.

4. Multifunctional Tube Bandanas

multifunctional bandanas digitally printed

The newest type of sweatband is our tube bandanas. These are quickly growing in popularity due to the fact that the digital print on them is beautiful and they are a hit with the biggest consumers of sweatbands – runners. Many of our clients purchase these multifunctional bandanas and use them as a giveaway for their events. If your company revolves around athletes at all, this also makes for a great merchandise item. With a minimum order of just 100 pieces you can not go wrong with this item.

5. Yoga Headbands

printed yoga headbands

For some clients all the other sweat bands are too thick or not quite right. The Yoga headbands, just like our regular cotton headbands, are made with a super soft cotton material, the only difference is we have made them thin. When you are wearing this type of headband you will barely feel that you have it on. Not only is it a great item to sell at yoga shops but it is a great giveaway to teenage girls and women and virtually at athletic type event.

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