5 Great Team Building Events

5 Quick and Easy Team Building Events

Team-building exercises are tricky – they can be a huge benefit, but done incorrectly and they’re a waste of time that needlessly patronize employees. Avoiding this is crucial, and finding the right time and place for a team-building event makes all the difference in the world when it comes to results. Here are five great team-building events to consider for your next outing!

1. Team Dinner

While it would get pricy to do it regularly, a team dinner every so often is an outstanding way to build rapport amongst your team. It’s a chance to enjoy a nice meal, have a few drinks, and get to know each other on a better level, which works wonders for overall company culture. It doesn’t need to be at a four-star restaurant, either – simply getting together over burgers is enough to build the relationship amongst team members.

2. Team Baseball Game

A company baseball game is a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors. Even for those who aren’t interested in athletics, it’s a chance to get some fresh air and spend time outside of the office, and turning that down is too difficult. Better yet, it can be made more fun by making custom company shirts. The options are nearly limitless, and it’s more than just a novelty. A fun baseball game with custom shirts for different teams? Your team will love it!

3. Cooking/Mixology Classes

Taking a cooking class with the team is a ton of fun, and for more alcohol-friendly offices, a mixology class is an outstanding alternative. Either way, it’s a fun opportunity to learn some new skills and bond with your team. Best of all, no prior experience is necessary, so experienced cooks/bartenders will enjoy themselves as much as those who struggle to microwave their dinner.

4. Bowling

It’s not a new option, but that doesn’t take away from its classic nature – bowling is an awesome team activity. It’s the perfect combination of competition, light-heartedness, food, and drinks. Even folks who don’t care for bowling will undoubtedly enjoy hanging around and taking in the laid-back vibe offered by this classic institution, and for those who love to bowl (with or without bumpers), it’s a great chance to show off your skills!

5. Improv Class

Improv is a lot like karaoke – it’s something that frightens people until they give it a fair shot. Once they do, though, they realize that it’s a great time. No one expects masterful performances; it’s more of a fun way to think on your feet and have some laughs while doing it. As a team-building opportunity, it’s a way for team members to engage with one another in unique manners, which works wonders for overall communication. Try it out!

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