5 Products that Encourage Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness with Promotional Products

Corporate Wellness with Promotional Products

Encourage Workplace Wellness with Promotional Products

If a company has a corporate wellness plan in place, the amount of sick days will lessen, as well as the number of tissues and sneezes. By adding a corporate wellness program to your company, you’ll have healthier and likely happier, employees. If you’re looking for creative and engaging ways to launch a corporate wellness agenda, we’ve got the cure for you.

1. Throwable rockets

These lightweight foam toys are a great way to add laughter into a regular workday. To make things more enticing, make a competition of it between employees, seeing who can throw the furthest. While it may seem a little lame to some, there are cool benefits from doing stuff like this. It’s a great way to relieve stress, get some exercise and learn to interact with each other better.

2. Sweatbands

Just because it’s not 80’s day doesn’t mean you can’t rock a sweatband. If you work in a casual office environment, sport that custom company sweatband. These are also great accessories for a company wellness day where the whole team participates in a run or game of softball. Face it, they’re functional, stylish and a cool way for to flaunt your company logo.

3. Pedometers

An exciting way for bosses to get their employees excited about exercise is by organizing a walking challenge. By putting on pedometers and tallying each team’s steps, every employee is motivated to be more active and contribute to a greater cause. The challenge can lasts anywhere from a week to a month, or longer if you so choose. Motivate your employees by offering a reward is to the best performing team.

4. Water bottles

Experts encourage us to drink about 8 glasses of water each day, which benefits our bodies more than we think. A lot of people at work forget to drink water until they step out for their lunch break, which is pretty late in the day to start hydrating. When refillable water bottles are made available to staff as part of a corporate wellness program, many are encouraged to keep up with the recommended daily intake of water. Watch as the hydration station at work becomes the watering hole for your workers.

5. Sunscreen

Constant exposure to the sun can cause burns, wrinkles, increased skin cancer risk and premature aging. Using sunscreen on the body before going out helps prevent all that. Even if your employee’s work primarily indoors, having branded bottles of sunscreen will be another way to spread your brand’s name, while keeping the spread of anything harmful to your company’s most precious layer – your employees.

Healthy employees mean more productivity, better workflow and a happier work environment. Corporate wellness patterns help employers achieve goals, all the while, keeping company morale up, and cholesterol levels down. During physical activity sessions, employees get the chance to interact with other members of different teams, which means a closer-knit company. Physical activity as we know it reduces stress and improves mood and positivity. If you don’t have a corporate wellness program in place already, these reasons should motivate you to exercise the idea.

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