Five ways custom gear boosts your company’s name at trade shows

Trade Show Promotional Items

Trade Show Promotional Items

One way to get noticed at trade shows is to bring customized gear, including T-shirts, table covers, stickers, pens and sticky notes. These items will attract trade show attendees and create a brand that stands out in the crowd. Here are five ways customized gear promotes the company at trade shows.

1. T-shirts create company unity and brand identity

A group of presenters wearing neatly ironed, brightly colored T-shirts with the company name and logo printed stylishly will attract attention. Custom On It helps companies establish a brand that is easily recognizable in a crowd of companies. Some of the qualities to look for in a custom T-shirt include wrinkle-resistance, corporate or imprinted design and princess-seam piping.

2. Table covers create a professional image

A professional presentation starts with a professional display and finding the proper tablecloth size can be difficult. We provide outstanding table covers at affordable prices. Consider investing in adjustable tablecloths that feature Velcro or skirting. These tablecloths are convenient to have around, especially when setting up in new locations where tables are of different sizes. Tablecloths featuring full color prints are of higher quality than screen prints and contain higher resolution images.

3. Stickers carry the company logo

Not since the introduction of sticker stamps for postage has there been a novel business use for stickers. Stickers with a company logo can be placed anywhere. They are great collectible items and perfect trade show swag for guests. We sell personalized stickers that can be created online and shipped free of charge.

4. Customized pens are great collectible items

If the company name or logo is featured on the pen, it would be a modest advertising tool that catches the attention of a few people. We create personalized pens from images and text uploaded by clients. There are no setup fees, and the pens ship within five days.

5. Sticky notes inform the public

Sticky notes on walls, bulletin boards and doors attract attention. Companies at trade shows should post these notes around the trade show floor to help attract guests. We sell sticky notes featuring full color imprints, all we need is the logo image and text to begin printing, and we will send a digital proof to you before beginning production.

Companies have a good chance of attracting people to their booths by following the suggestions listed above. It will bring new opportunities and help promote businesses!

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