Bandanas With A Twist – Bandana Versatility & How It Can Work For Your Company

It is easy to recognize that bandanas have been around for hundreds of years. Throughout history they have played a large variety of roles; and although I cannot tell you where they originated I can tell you the large variety of ways they have been used in the past and the ways they are being used now. The bandana is something that continues to be seen to this day and worn regularly! Who knows, maybe even our future robot friends will find a unique use for them too.

Bandanas in The Past

Bandanas have been known to be used in a large variety of ways. Some sources say they have been seen since medieval times. The European culture in the early 1700s thought it to be a “mark of masculine respectability”. Cowboys are said to have made it popular in the West to help keep dirt and the smell of horse manure at bay.

While being a popular item the bandana did serve multiple purposes. Such as a neck kerchief, wash cloth, or even a sign of social status. Bandanas are still used largely in ways that they are still used today—many go as far as to say that they are an underrated and essential multi tool.

Bandanas Today

Bandanas today seem to be growing in popularity. They are now being used and people seem to be customizing them for their businesses more and more.

Hair Accessory: A look that has been trending for a long time and is being seen more and more is the addition of bandanas as a hair accessory. The traditional and old school rockabilly look is a great one for any girl feeling daring enough to try it! Traditionally a black or red paisley bandana but many have been seen to venture out while trying new colors!

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Sun Protector: There are a large number of professions that take place outdoors be it construction workers or landscapers that always do their best to wear clothing that will protect them from the sun. Countless hours spent outdoors can cause harm as well as sunburn—and both are not fun. Bandanas can be tied on the head in their traditional form, or even worn on the neck to protect workers from excessive sun and heat exposure.

Help Injuries/Wounds: As far as injuries go, bandanas have been used in numerous ways to help support or bandage injuries. There are hikers, rock climbers, and campers that swear by this item and will not leave until they’ve got one. The Bandana can be tied around an open would and used as a make-shift tourniquet. It can also be tied on to injuries or sprains that need a bit of extra support. Another reason hikers swear by these is that they can be used as a signal in case of an unexpected emergency.

Arts & Crafts: The traditional paisley design of the bandana has been grown to be loved by many and is being used widely for a large variety of do-it-yourself projects. Projects ranging from wedding favors, toddler dresses, or even pieced together to form a tablecloth! (See more D.I.Y. ideas here!)

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Custom bandanas are an incredibly versatile product that can work for a vast majority of companies. Bandanas can be worn by children, men, women, even pets; making this a product that will be great for a wide variety of people and used in numerous ways. If you are raising awareness for cancer, a marathon looking for a sweet giveaway item, or a small business looking for a product that will get your name noticed the bandana is the way to go!

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