A Keychain is a Key-chain is a Key Chain

They are also key rings, key holder, key tag, and—a new one for me—key fobs. Quite a variety of ways to say it, huh? However, you say it or however you choose to spell it– they ultimately serve the same purpose. Or do they? 

When you travel—do you collect keychains? I myself am a fan of these little souvenir’s when I travel. They’re a great and easy way to get a small momento that perfectly describes a city. It’s also one of my favorite things to be brought back from a traveling friend.

Keychains are such a great and versatile product that you can easily use for you business. Keychains are completely customizable and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They are a great and mobile reminder of your business or establishment wherever the user may happen to go.

Keychains Gifts!

Holding a business or family Christmas party? Looking for a unique favor for your weddings guests? Need a new giveaway for your next tradeshow booth? Key chains are great parting gifts! Not only can you easily promote your company– you can fully customize a keychain to better suit the occasion!

A variety of key-chain options let you create special shapes and sizes. They are a great way to personalize your giveaway product for your event or business.

Take Yogurtland for example– I got an adorable keychain that was customized perfectly for their business. They teamed up with Sanrio ( more commonly recognized as Hello Kitty and Friends; at least by me it is) to create some adorable keychains that you can see below. I got the penguin of course– because I mean, look at it! 🙂


Not much to my surprise they were selling like hotcakes and were sold out before I even left the little shop. You can also use key chains like this to your advantage! Guess what? They are great for fundraisers too. 🙂

Keychains with an Added Use

Obviously– key chains are for use; but why not put your logo on a key chain that serves more than just it’s expected purpose? I know i’m not discovering new grounds or anything but every once in a while you forget about some products until someone brings them back up.

A flashlight, a bottle opener, a flask (shots!), a small plush, a carabiner, or something not-so-common-and-wonderfully unique like our golf tee set with ball markers, all on keychains with your logo. These are great ways to give your consumers something they are sure to carry along with them. They serve a dual purpose therefore making them more valuable to the consumer and more effective for you. It’s a win-win if you ask me. 😀

Keychains for All

Need some ideas? Here are quick tips on what you can use custom keychains for;

  • Use them to raise awareness– whether you want to raise awareness for autism, breast cancer, or even bullying; these key chains will allow anyone to easily show their support for a cause.
  • Use them to fund-raise– Be it your school or for a loved one; personalized key chains will be a high quality product/tool that you can sell and easily make some money with! Get creative and make sure to use the perfect style for you.
  • Use them as a souvenir for Loyal Customers– Add your reward card along with the keychain or simply giving them an exclusive and adorable key ring that they will be more thank happy to add to their keys.
  • More for your loyal customers! Have various but unique locations? Are you a brewery or an ice cream shop? Create exclusive keychains for each of your locations! This will be a fun and interactive way for your customers to earn/buy exclusive design key-chains.
  • Be our guest. Have a family reunion coming up? Christmas party? Wedding? Or just an overall large gathering? Keychains will be a creative keepsake– also a very easy one– because with party planning comes a lot of detail and you’ve got to keep your focus on more important things. 🙂

There are so many ways to use keychains to your advantage. You probably just aren’t thinking outside the box just yet! I hope these suggestions aid you in your quest for the perfect keychain. How have you used custom keychains to your benefit?


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