Are You Paying Attention to Readability? Here are the 10 Commandments of Typography


Whether you are designing your next website or planning how your brand will be represented at your next event, typography is very important. When it comes to readability, the details matter.


According to DesignMantic, the 10 commandments of typography are:

1. Know the Font Families

2. Combine a Sans-Serif font with a Serif Font

3. Combine a Serif font with a Sans-Serif Font

4. Combining Two Similar Fonts is not Cool

5. Contrast is Key

6. Stick to Two Fonts, Only go for Three is you Must

7. Don’t Mix Different Moods

8. Combine Fonts of Complimentary Moods and of Similar Time Eras

9. Use Different Weights of Fonts in the Same Family

10. And Lastly Please Avoid the Following Fonts: Comic Sans, Papyrus, CURLS, Viner, Kristen and (listed in infographic)

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