Beautiful Trade Show Table Covers (Dye Sublimated w/ Your Logo)

Dye Sublimation Logo on Table Covers (great for Trade Shows)

table covers for trade shows dye sublimated

Looking for ideas for your next trade show? Make sure you have the foundational stuff covered first.

Foundational stuff like your sales presentation, branded giveaways and how your booth will look and be built are all important.

But let’s not forget – deals are made on top of tables…so why not make them beautifully branded? A custom table throw can cost you as little as $130 (fully customized) which pales in comparison to the value they bring to your convention booth.

Draw Attention with Table Covers

If you think about it on the simplest level, a trade show is all about getting sales. We have known, even before the billboard was invented, that in order to get sales you need to get people’s attention. Table covers with your logo digitally printed do a surprisingly good job of this because so few companies actually utilize them in their booths.

table skirt at trade show

To us, it’s a no brainer – custom table skirts and throws are huge for drawing attention. Even if you are a smaller company and you don’t have the resources to build a massive booth these covers can help you appear larger than you are (which we will talk about below). The material of all our table covers is super high quality polyester poplin and there are over 70 colors to choose from. Weird colors associated with your brand? Trust me we have it and if we don’t we can dye to get to it!

Back to the point – A fitted table cover is just plain sexy and you will know what we mean once you see one for yourself in person. Weather fitted or not, we can do all common table sizes such as 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot. Of course, if you have a table that is not one of these sizes we can also customize the size, just let us know.

Make no mistake about it, these trade show table covers can be used over and over, they are not a one-time use / disposable. This is something you invest in once and probably not again for a few years.

Appear Larger Than You Are

If there is one thing we know it is that appearance can make all the difference in a convention environment. But…What if you don’t have the resources to invest in all kinds of promotional models, fireworks and a parade of craziness?

It is really more common than you think and honestly it really isn’t wise to break the bank on one single trade show. After all, your product is the most important thing to showcase here not some promotional model and if you think he/she knows the product better than you, you are probably just being lazy (high chance).

Trade Show Convention Woz and Jobs

The answer is: you and your organization do not need to spend a ton of money. Simple items like branded table cloths, some nice clothes and an investment in an approachable personality can all be your biggest allies at the next show.

After you get their attention, product competency, knowledge and a likable personality are the keys to having a successful event. One of the unique things you can do with a four color process table cover is blow your product up so people just cannot resist looking at it.

Insane as it sounds, this actually works very well. For example, if you seen the below table throw we made, are you telling me you wouldn’t do a double take? The dye sublimation is so beautiful that it’s hard to stop looking at.

Custom table throw (dye sublimated)

It also brings up another point, all covers have a min order of just 1 piece. So you can do some really interesting things with them when it comes to design.

Outshine the Competition

While that huge company with the colossal booth over there is sweating to death, worrying about getting enough sales to break even on the shows cost, you can be standing next to your gorgeous looking polyester poplin table covers which will cost you at max around $300-400 (but can be as little as $130, which includes all the customization and shipping).

One of the biggest lessons we learned when starting this company 7 years ago is that you do not need a lot of money to start something, you just need the hustle. A trade show is all about people.

We talked earlier in the post about drawing attention and appearing larger than you are, which are two fundamental elements of convention success. The third and the only real way to outshine your competitors is to take the advice of the late Sam Walton – put the customer first because they are the boss.

Sam Walton of WalMart

When reading Mr. Walton’s book it became apparent that he was fiercely competitive. He and other executives around him talked about it at length in the book. On any given day you could find Sam going to someone else’s store to gain knowledge about exactly how they did things and why. Shamelessly, he would pull his notebook out right in front of them and take notes. It all paid off, but even he confesses in his own book that the secret to WalMart’s success was to keep remembering that the customer is the boss.

As people’s eyes pop out of their head looking at your stunning booth display, let us remember these great words:

There is only one boss. The customer. - Sam Walton Click To Tweet

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