Best Branded Giveaways of 2016

reversible silicone wristbands

We are now halfway through 2016 and the need for great promo giveaways is stronger than ever. The below custom products are what our customers have been finding work the best for both their events and internally within their own offices.


So you want to be cool, eh? Custom sunglasses are one of the most popular giveaways in the spring and summertime. However, it doesn’t end there. In 2015 we found many clients ordering throughout the fall and winter. We suspect it will be no different this year. Since many people now wear sunglasses inside, we consider this a year round giveaway opportunity. We offer many styles of shades including wayfarer, pinhole and aviator. These 3 are the most popular for giveaways and fun office parties.

Many of our most popular sunglasses start at a min order of just 50 pieces! Check them out now.

Reversible Silicone Wristbands

reversible silicone wristbands

Out of all of our custom bracelets, the reversible seem to be both the most unique and the best selling. These wristbands pack a visual punch with their tone-on-tone style. Not only that but they make for a cost-effective promotional product to hand out at your next event.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

microfiber cleaning cloth with logo

Everyone these days has screens to maintain. This makes it no surprise that microfiber cloths make a great branded giveaway. Whether it is at a tradeshow or as a simple gift to customers, these little branded cloths work amazing to promote your company!

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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