Best Tradeshow Giveaways for Bloggers

Is your company attending a convention or trade show soon? There are two groups you want to impress – potential customers and the media.

Those that spend all day in front of their laptop typing away are in some cases more important than your actual customers. As a brand, your reputation is everything. This is why we recommend having separate giveaways and gifts for the media and influencers within your industry.

The Almighty Media Badge

Why would you want to have a separate set of branded gifts for the press? It’s actually very simple – because your trying to motivate the press to write good things about you. You want to give them as much good ammo as you can.

media badge

The best giveaways for bloggers are samples of your products along with a ton of information about them. Second to that is really making them feel special because, let’s face it, they kind of are. They are so special that they could make or break your entire organization with one article or feature. Bringing your A game is essential.

Top 3 Gifts for Bloggers (Aside from Free Product to Review)

1. An Exclusive

If there is one thing a reporter wants more than anything in the world, it is an exclusive. A piece of information that they will bring to the public and other media outlets will credit them with breaking the news. As a business leader, it is important to have at least one or two exclusives in your back pocket to give away. You wouldn’t want to waste them on a small website, but if the biggest news website within your industry comes by your booth you keep your cool and then you ask them: “Do you want an exclusive piece of news that hasn’t been released yet about our company? Remember, you will be the first to report on this so it is important it stays with you”. Giving this type of treatment to a reporter will make them more happy than you can fathom.

2. Dinner at the Best Restaurant in Town or Access to Nightlife

Giving bloggers experiences that they can write creatively about is great for your business. This is also something that obviously can be done to land sales with customers. It works the same way, except in this case you are trying to land a powerful media piece to take your brand to the next level.

3. A Bag Featuring a Variety of Branded Gifts

This bag should be different from the customer bag, for reasons we mentioned above. You want to make it as easy as possible for a blogger to write a story about your company. It shouldn’t be some sort of jigsaw puzzle. Include the history of your company, gift cards, maybe some logo cookies and many other promo products.

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