BOOOO!!! Buy Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags in Bulk

Need bulk Halloween bags? We got them!

Haunted houses, candy corn, scary movies and that one guy who always goes over the top with his costume… yep, it’s that time of year again. If you have a company or organization looking to do a bit of branding around Halloween, then customizing trick or treat bags are one of the best investments you can make. This is especially true if your business is targeting younger consumers. For example, if you own a local ice cream shop, convenience store, pizzeria or other spot that gets family foot traffic these bags will do wonders to advertise your small business.

Halloween Bag with Coupon


Put a Coupon on it!

If you want to put your logo on Halloween bags but are worried about a return on your investment than we have a solution for you. Put a coupon or special offer on the bag and watch as people flock to your business after Halloween, after all this is right around the time of year we all over indulge in shopping, eating and watching those great games on TV…Giveaways like these will help your growing company get in on the action.

Print your Logo OR get Bulk “ready to go”

Many of our clients want to customize these bags, but if you do not than no worries! We have an option for you as well. These standard “ready to go” trick or treat bags will work just fine if you aren’t concerned about branding and still benefit your business. Giving these sacks away will help people remember where they got them!

Other Brandable Halloween Products 

Orange glow Bracelet

Depending on your event, we have tons of relevant products. For this time of year glow products are received especially well. Whether it’s at at the end of a haunted house or during a concert, anything that lights up in the dark will have people seeing and more importantly taking about your brand.



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