Branding Your Business: Customers as Fans

Turn customers into fans

So you want to be the rockstar of your industry? The only way this happens is to have a customer base who LOVES you. Forget about the money, because that will not come without a loyal customer who is willing to bend over backwards to make sure your company succeeds. Yes, you read that right. You have to provide such good service and such an overall good experience that your customers and potential customers can not wait to tell someone about your company.

A customer buys for one reason. That reason is to solve a problem he or she has. Your brand and the product it offers need to consistently be the best solution.  But, you need to be more than that! See below for the best ways to win customers over for life.

Fast Replies & Quick on the Picking up the Phone

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We live in a world where people do not want to wait for anything. It’s a “I want it now” society! Your customers do not want to wait through a complicated phone system or get called back by the right person. Same goes with emails and customer service requests. How you and your brand handles questions and potential sales can make all the impact in whether someone will recommend you after the sale or EVEN IF THE SALE DOESN’T HAPPEN!

Branded Gifts & Swag

I wrote a blog post not too long ago about the iPhone app Lift. I was shocked that the CEO commented and sent me a free t-shirt. A shirt that i am actually proud to wear because i like the brand! Gifts like t shirts, sweatbands and more can be customized with your logo and they can’t be sent out as a thank you. We offer tons of products like this in various categories, call 1-877-287-9287 so we can help you out 🙂

Social Media Connecting

Today you can use facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and more to undercut huge brands and make your mark. Here’s the thing: you have to move quick. It’s really simple: 1. Find people that influence your industry 2. Connect, follow, like their pages 3. Share / comment their posts and offer value to them.


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