Branding Your Business: Hire Based on Personality

Hire based on personity

Your employees are the face of your business and therefore the face of your brand. This is why one of the most important branding tips I can offer you is to hire based on personality. Take your own personal opinion out of the picture and ask the following:

How well will they get along with the other team members?

Don’t hire based on talent alone. It’s a common mistake even big companies make and then they wonder why things aren’t getting done as fast as they should be. If you have conflicting personalities within your office that can’t vibe with the same core values and goals they will not likely represent your brand well. Or if one person does, the other employee will likely undermine their effort…it’s only a matter of time.

How well will they vibe with customers?

Answering the phones, talking face to face and responding to emails. These are all little things that we have to do every single day. But, WOW do they matter a whole lot more than anyone cares to notice. Business owners often forget that customers have their self esteem wrapped in the company they are working with. It only takes one or two experiences for customers to know if they want to keep shopping with your brand. Even something as simple as a potential client picking up the phone to call your company is a form of emotional investment…

The way people sound when they answer the phone can determine a whole lot more than just landing a sale, it can also determine how that person perceives your brand. In fact. forget the sale! That would be horrible if you got a sale but left the customer with a bad taste in their mouth because your teams tonality and overall vibe on the phone was not in sync with your brands values.

Will their personality mesh with your overall brand?

If you have a fitness brand, you probably wouldn’t want to hire a devout Nintendo nerd (i’m a massive Zelda fan) AND if you own a specialized video game shop you wouldn’t likely hire Johnny Bravo. He’d feel pretty uncomfortable behind that counter reading video game industry magazines! Of course this is not entirely the rule because there are Johnny Bravo’s who are devout Nintendo nerds, but at least make sure one of your brands personality traits are in sync with your next employee.

Remember, pay attention to small details and hire based on personality. This branding advice will pay back dividends in terms of your brand equity and sales.


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