Brrr…. Custom Branded Products That Will Keep Your Consumers Warm This Winter

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Is it me or does it feel like the temperatures are finally taking a turn for the cooler weather? It’s been getting cold here lately, especially at night—well at least for Las Vegas’s standards. We’ve been at a comfortable 60 degrees during the day and a more brisk 50 at night.

I know what you’re thinking! Psshh, this poor girl doesn’t even know what cold is! But this, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning to sweaters and scarves galore for me. I mean I think I get a pass since 3/4th’s of our weather here is very well over 80-105 degrees. Cut me some slack. 🙂

Since its beginning to get chilly here—and I’m sure it’s beginning, if not already, that way in your little corner of the world I wanted to tell you all about the products and swag we have that can make winter a tad less bitter for you and your consumers.

Marathons and Winter Outdoor Events

The amount of marathons that are held outdoors during the winter is astonishing; well at least to me! Marathons and walks are huge but sometimes getting to them at 7 in the morning and in the winter makes a bit hard for even the most motivated runners to get there. I mean, take the ugly sweater run for example; looks so much fun but so cold!

The Ugly Sweater Run™ from Human Movement on Vimeo.

As an organizer and event planner you can provide some great and helpful products that will make any participant so thankful! How? By customizing relevant products! 🙂

Choosing to sell or giveaway these products will be a choice that I will absolutely leave up to you. You can give some of these products away as a part of a bundle for all of your participants or you can sell these at your merchandise tables as add-ons!

Products like our polar fleece winter headbands and our embroidered beanies will leave any runner warmer! While these are great products to use while at the run; the great quality will allow runners to use the product multiple times and through multiple washes!

Opposed to many companies that customize products – we are firm believers in making our products from scratch and embroidering on them in the process of making them. This makes your custom products investment so much more worth while.

Other Outdoor Events

Whether you are catering to an outdoor sports spectator or you’re catering to an outdoor food festival attendee in the winter or fall you know that it can get chilly and especially so because spectators and visitors are usually sitting on cold metal benches and they must rely on all the layers they stack up underneath their coats and pants to be warm– though that can be very different for men and women.

This is where your custom swag can come in once again. Now if chosen carefully promotional products can be powerful if they are truly useful. If you are organizing an event, sponsoring, or simply providing some giveaways for promotions at any of these outdoor events you can rest assured that your company will be both recognized and appreciated by recipients or purchasers!

Custom beanies and fleece winter headbands can also be used for events like these– but something that may go a bit above and beyond what you sell giveaway are some custom branded steel travel mugs! Yes, you read that properly! Hot drinks are the only thing, well besides maybe some alcohol, that can provide you with some comfort in the frosty frosty cold temperatures and an exclusive travel mug will be an amazing product that will let anyone use it time and time again.

Custom Winter Products for Your Business

We are only in the fall season and already we can start to feel the colder weather. Beanies and Travel Mugs are two products that can be customized and work for your business. They are a great promotional giveaway and they are also incredibly versatile. If you need them for your university, for your awareness organization, cafe/deli, car dealership, or any other type of event our custom beanies and travel mugs are sure to fit right in!

Remember no matter what type of winter event you are organizing; keeping your attendees happy and cozy is something that is incredibly important. Simple but effective products with your logo will be the best way to promote your brand while leaving them with a positive impression that can last for years!

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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