Building company culture from the inside

Building Company Culture

There has been a lot of talk and articles written about the importance of building good company culture. Start-ups especially have made this a priority when hiring staff and growing businesses. However, companies don’t have to be brand new or very small to create a positive and productive company culture. Even better, it can done at any time.

Host morale-boosting events

Celebrate everything, such as birthdays, promotions and anniversaries. If employees feel valued for the years they’ve put into the company, they will start to feel more comfortable and confident in their role. If it’s a large company, one option is to celebrate birthdays once a month and include everyone who had a birthday in that month. Get a cake, block some time off in everyone’s calendar and show some love.

It maybe hard to have a party for everyone’s work anniversary, but it’s not hard to recognize an employee for their one, two, five or 10 years of service in a company-wide email, tweet or staff meeting. Ask their team to sign a card and thank them for their hard work.

Building Company Culture

Plan holiday parties that include everyone

Not every employee will celebrate the same holidays. Religion-centered holidays may cause people to feel more isolated than included. However, it is possible to plan non-religious celebrations for national holidays, like the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Presidents’ Day. Simply acknowledging the holiday with fun historical facts and offering a chance to chat about long-weekend plans will help employees feel more connected and included.

Encourage employees to share hobbies & interests

Don’t expect employees to be all work, all the time. Allowing conversations about weekend plans, favorite sports teams, and unique interests will help employees feel more included and more connected to their co-workers. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not working hard. Allow for employees to express who they are and what interests them while they get their work done. It may even make some teams more productive as they discover what they have in common and learn about new hobbies.

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