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The History of The Foam Finger

One of the most recognized promotional sports products is the foam finger. For many, it seems it has existed forever and is as old as spectator sports themselves. Just where did the foam finger come from and how did it become so popular for sports [READ]

The Best & Worst Campaign SWAG

No matter the level of election, whether it is state, local or national, campaign logos and swag are always a hot topic. Voters love showing their support (or distaste) for candidates in all areas of their lives from t-shirts, to drink koozies, to [READ]

How To Celebrate Boss’s Day

Today is National Boss’s Day. You may be wondering, Is that really a thing? Hallmark just made that up to sell more cards. However, it is a real holiday and it started in Illinois in 1958 by a secretary named Patricia Bays Haroski. Her goal was to [READ]

Party Favors for All Ages and Events

No matter your target audience, there are great customizable products, party favors and prizes for all ages. If you’re throwing a party for young kids, trying to grab the attention of busy college students or hosting a work party, you can choose [READ]

Swag Trends

Promotional products do work; 94% of those surveyed say they don’t forget the advertiser or the promotional product they received. But what are the best, and most unusual, products seen in today’s market? Mugs and pens top the list of [READ]