Out of the Box Promotional Items and Ideas!
No matter your industry, sometimes you just need something different for your next convention or product launch. We will post the best unique custom products and ideas here.

Custom On It’s Best: Our Top 5 Giveaways

Can’t decide which giveaway is right for you? Don’t fret! Here are our 5 best selling products and more awesome ideas on how you can fully take advantage of them! Tool Kits Have you ever experienced trying to go on McGyver mode and realize you [READ]

Giveaways for the Kids and Kids at Heart

Aren’t you tired of giving away ordinary, boring giveaways? I mean, who wants to get another pen at the convention? We’re not saying that the usual types of giveaways don’t work anymore – they do! Pens, totes, shirts are still indispensible [READ]