Creativity Matters: Don’t Be Boring with your Promo Items

People really set the bar high today for company events, conferences and conventions. If you half ass it you will get more people that will ignore you or complain than you anticipated. I went to MozCon a few years back in Seattle and during registration is was inundated with swag items.

mozcon marketing conference

I thought the little baggy they gave me was it but when i arrived at my seat i had even more goodies. Useful things like a notebook, a pen, Moz stickers. You know, stuff that actually matters at these conference.

The thing is though, is the items were cool and creative. They instantly made me feel like I made the right decision by flying all the way out to Seattle from Las Vegas to listen to Rand & Gang talk about how to be a better marketer. I was double bought in and ready to learn everything i needed to.

Be Unique & A Little Disruptive

custom frisbee colored

Having a product launch event? Why not give your attendees some cool branded frisbees? Even better, how about a little football with your logo to throw around?

Little creative fun giveaway items like these actually make the event and not to mention they make social media which is one of the key things you should be thinking about as you are planning your event. People post pictures to instagram, facebook, snap chat and more right away. They aren’t waiting until they get home these days so your event has to be socially marketable online.


If you are planning a conference, think of your target audience and also the location the conference is held in. For example if you are having it in Vegas, think about really fun promotional items – push down bottle openers, poker chips, drink tickets, etc. Of course there is a place for the normal stuff like pens, binders and notebooks / notepads. Just don’t neglect the creative aspect and your event attendees will have the tools to remember your brand forever 🙂

IMPORTANT: Don’t Forget about your Speakers and Employees!

Swag items are for the team too! They are also for the speakers and other partners that will help you with your next event. Make sure everyone is a part of the fun and awesomeness of your next event.

Put in the extra time it takes to choose the best promotional products! As I mentioned earlier, the standards are set way up there these days and people aren’t going to put up with anything less than spectacular.

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