Custom Bartender Wrist Sweatbands – Put your Logo on these Unique Cotton Wristbands

If you are taking a stroll to your nearest bar or nightclub you might see the bartenders wearing our newest custom item – bartender wrist sweatbands. This item is both customizable and is absolutely phenomenal as a bar advertising item, not to mention very useful to those that keep the bar!

Since we started in early 2008 we have been embroidering logos on sweatbands for bars all around the world. Before we started offering the option to customize bartender wrist sweatbands, many mixologists and bar owners would purchase our normal custom wrist sweatbands and slide the bottle opener under it so it would fit snug in between their arm and the cotton wristband. Sometimes it would work perfect but other times it simply wouldn’t work – this is why we now have our bar tender wristbands.

Cheers to you Maker of our Drinks!

Our customized bartender wrist sweatbands are about 3 1/2 inches long and have 2 specific slits in them, made specifically for a bottle opener. These soft cotton wristbands can be embroidered with your companies name or ordered plain with no logo. As the supplier / producer of the bartender wristbands we are able to offer you the lowest pricing, making this an inexpensive advertising item. If you have a large event or many different locations, we have you covered! You can order in bulk and receive wholesale pricing on your bands. Be sure to ask our sales team about any discounts that may be going on, as sometimes we run quarterly sales.

We have 11 different stock colors available to put your logo on. If your order is a large enough quantity we may also be able to dye the wristbands to the color of your liking. To get started on your promotional wristbands for bartenders give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 or fire up a chat!

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