Custom Bottle Openers for Bartenders: Pop Bottles like a Boss while promoting your Bar

There are many common branded items you see throughout a typical bar – napkins, coasters, beer mugs, glow sticks, etc. One of the coolest and perhaps the most useful items at bars and nightclubs are bottle openers. Our bottle openers can be customized with your bar or beverage logo, placing your brand in front of every person that comes in to get a drink! If your company is at all related to the bar industry, this can be a powerful adverting item. These are used at outdoor festivals, conventions and even as a cross advertising tool.

Outdoor Festivals & Events

Are you putting on an outdoor festival or event that will be abundant with booze? Give your bartenders branded items like cups, bottle openers and more to set the theme. We have worked with many specialty music type events, which really do everything possible to set the theme perfectly. At the end of the day it’s all about what ticket holders feel and experience. Giving your bar tenders unique outfits to wear and promotional items to hand out is an AMAZING way to promote your cause.

Cross Marketing with Bartenders

Many of the people who order drink openers from us are not bar owners; they are beverage businesses who sell the beer or liquor to the bars. They commonly send out printed bottle openers with their logo on them to the bars they distribute the most to. This is both a way of saying thank you and a way to promote their brand even further. Trust us – every bar staff loves new toys! Giving a custom bottle opener or corkscrew is an excellent advertising item and a good way to further your brand identity.

Giveaway at Bar Conventions & Contest

Great bartenders often get sent to contests to show off their skills. This is often such a fun spectacle that they wish it would never end. If you are sponsoring or planning one of these events it is your job to make sure they remember and talk about this event within the bar tending community. A great way to do this is to have a photographer take pictures and put them online for free. Another awesome way is to giveaway promotional products that they can use at their own bar. Items like wrist sweatbands, beer openers, corkscrews and more are all popular.

All of our bottle openers can be purchases in bulk at discounted pricing. If you have a logo and are ready to get started give us a call at 877-287-9287, choose one of our products or start a chat. We look forward to helping you design your bottle openers!

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