Custom Branded Items / Ideas for your Turkey Day Celebration

Ready to stuff your face with delicious, mouth-watering homemade turkey? Me too! Go easy on the mashed potatoes though… we are both going to need some room for those carbs we will be taking in at Christmas too 😉 If your throwing a big party this Thanksgiving than putting your logo on a couple products is a great idea to really bring your group together. Whether you have a large family get together or a group of employees to impress, putting something as simple as “TG 2014” and your brands artwork can send a really clear message: we are one. We have all sorts of ideas for you, but they mostly fit into two categories: surroundings and usables. If you are tying to set the theme we have items like tablecloths, balloons and more. Most people around this time of year buy branded items they can use such as various types of drinkware, custom napkins, coasters, and more. These items will only be used once, but they make celebrations and the big meal more themed, fun and memorable.

Thanksgiving Turkey's

You can also use this time of year to show thanks and recognition to top performing employees with various personalized gifts. We have literally tons of product for that around our website ranging from inexpensive to high end. For now, i want to focus on a couple products I mentioned above to help make this years Turkey day special for you and yours.

No More Red Solo Cups! – Enough with being generic, time to make things more lively with our customized cups. Available in both plastic and paper, these are great for a nice cup of joe, smoothie and many more drinks. The plastic cups are re-usable and are a great branding tool if you are inviting business partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Napkins / Coasters – The price of being awesome? Very inexpensive in this case. You would be surprised at the type of impact cheap custom napkins or coasters could have on your team. Small, seemingly worthless, products like this send powerful unconscious branding messages at get-togethers. So, make sure to put a stack of nice napkins with your logo on the table along with a coaster by every plate!

Spice up the office with Tablecloths – A nice table cloth sets the theme well for any meal, especially Thanksgiving and other big holidays. The great thing about this item is you can keep re-using it during other holidays such as New Years and Christmas!

custom cookies for thanksgiving

Customize Cookies & Get Smiles – There’s nothing that says “I love you and I’m thankful to have you in my life” than a tasty cookie with a personalized message. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! The cookies, like all of our products, can be ordered in bulk to cater to everyone at your Thanksgiving event! Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 if you need help with your upcoming event.


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