Custom Coasters for Your Bar or Pub– A Great & Effective Tool for Any Established or Beginning Bar!

custom coasters for bars

Are the owner of a bar or restaurant? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of different products that you have available to you to customize? Are you completely new to the customizing world and aren’t quite sure what you have available to you? Now as a bar or restaurant owner you know that cost is absolutely essential when it comes to considering products to customize.  Whether you are a new or established bar you are set with a certain amount of money that you are able to use when it comes to personalizing items for your bar. If this is your first time ever ordering—think of this as an investment.

Investing in custom products for your bar should be something you think of as soon as you’ve gotten started. Yes, promotional products are an investment but they are investments that will more than likely pay off for the growth of your business. Exposure is everything in this modern world and social media shares and word of mouth are gold.

There is a wide variety of products you can choose to have for your bar. Products like shot glasses and bottle openers can be sold at your bar and can also be kept in stock to use at your business. If you remember reading my post on how social media can affect your business you will know that customizing products for your bar will not only be beneficial for the time visitors spend at your bar but can also allow the memory of the experience to carry forth in the future by the visitors posting pictures of your branded products—one product that will be sitting at every table and in front of every bar stool are your own personalized coasters.

It’s easy to say that most bars have coasters at their bar. They are a product that is absolutely functional given the fact that bars and pubs don’t waste their time, energy, or money on having table cloths on any of the tables inside of the establishment. Drinks get spilled on the regular at a bar and messes are created.  Too much money and time would be spent every night on cleaning and keeping table cloths clean and presentable every night, right?

This is where the coasters some into play. No rings or scuffs left from the beverages on the table and no clean-up for table cloths every night. It’s perfect; simple, functional. Now since this is a staple product you have at your bar—why not use them to their full advantage?

You can personalize coasters to contain your bar or pubs name and what’s the best part about this? Personalizing coasters do not only have to contain your bar’s name, location, website, etc. You can personalize drink coasters and use them as advertising tools. Promote your next big event at your bar, let people know of the huge super bowl party you will be hosting at your establishment, or simply let the folks visiting your bar easily learn about the drink specials.

There are multiple ways custom coasters can work for your bar—and like I mentioned why not use them to their full potential? Here at Custom On It we offer you a product that is not only high-quality but also recyclable and great for the environment. Your option on thickness of coaster is available and easily shown on each of the product pages. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call! We are here to help.

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