Custom Cups for Your Business or Event — Paper or Plastic?

custom cups for events custom cups for bussiness

Once upon a time your business was looking for a better way to make big impacts with inexpensive products but your business didn’t know what to do. So you decided to take a look at a website that was customizing products and that just so happened to be— you’re in luck we are customizing experts! Looking around you see that they offer hundreds of products and you don’t know what to do. So you find their articles and think to yourself “I’ve struck gold!”

(Okay, although we have worked with hundreds of companies in a wide, and we mean WIDE variety of businesses, some you wouldn’t even imagine– saying you struck gold might be a bit much. We just say we’re fun and passionate people making some pretty awesome custom stuff for really awesome people. It is easy to say that a majority—if not all our customers are also passionate about what they do .)

Now that we’ve finished telling you about our awesome customers let me begin to tell you about a product that not only will make a great impression but will also be a great staple and inexpensive custom product. Although sweatbands continue to be our most popular product we thought we would venture out of our comfort zone and write about one of our newer products that have also had a great impression with our customers.

Cups; We are now offering cups as a custom promotional product and we think they will be a great way to really pack a punch and say “HEY! LOOK AT US!” Here’s why.

No matter what type of business you may be a cup is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for a large variety of businesses and events. All of our cups are made from the best high quality material and are recyclable! We offer plastic cups for a more lasting impression as well as hot or cold paper cups as a more inexpensive option.

Our cups can be customized with your full color logo or image and much more. Meaning that you can add a whole lot of information all around the cup making this a great marketing tool if you were to hold an event; Adding your website, a promotional hash tag, event information, contest entry information, you can even use the space as an ad! This seemingly simple feature will be the perfect way to get a full message across using a rather inexpensive and useful product.

If you are the owner of a restaurant/coffee shop, a sponsor for any type of event, owner of a business that provides any type of hot/cold beverages or is doing some sort of special promotion these will be a great way to add special offers and just stamp your logo and business name all over. The potential for exposure is huge because people will be carrying their cup allover,stadiums, malls, tradeshows, or even just around the block where your business is located. Offering plastic cups will let this be a product they take home and use time and time again! These are top shelf dishwasher safe meaning your logo will still look amazing after it’s been washed.

The only thing you have to think about now is; what kind of business am I in? Do I have an event coming up where these can be relevant? Do I need something to place more information on as an ad but don’t know what to get? Whatever your dilemma cups may be the perfect thing to go with. We offer paper and plastic cups in various sizes even offer accessories such as lids and straws if needed. If you’re still not sure how cups could work for your next event; feel free to start up a chat with us or give us a call. Our team is here and ready to give you some awesome suggestions! If you’re ready to order just fill out the form on our product page and upload your image—It’s that easy!

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