Custom Frisbees & Other Flying Toys for Outdoor Giveaways

Custom Foldable Frisbees
Custom Foldable Flying Disk - Folding Frisbees

What should you give away to attendees at your next outdoor event? If you have a lot of space to work with, we recommend a Frisbee with you logo on it.

Custom frisbees (UV changing)


At first thought it might seem like a hazard to have flying toys at your gathering, but this simply isn’t true. Most of the time, whether it is a nerf football or frisbee, the people engaging will make their own space away from any crowds. It is often fun for attendees to watch and draws attention as well. This is a great thing because every one of these flying toys will be branded with your logo!

We have tons of different kinds of custom printed flying toys / frisbees, here are the most popular:

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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