Custom Head Sweatbands, Wrist Sweatbands, and Silicone Wristbands — 3 Products That Are Great For ANY Business.

The spectrum and range of companies we’ve worked with is a large one. We’ve had the pleasure of working with major clothing companies, organized marathons, and various other businesses of all kinds. The wide variety of companies we’ve worked with has allowed us to learn that there are a lot of custom promotional products that work for a lot of them. They are our most popular products and they can be used for so many different companies and events.

Sweatbands: Head sweatbands are by far our most ordered product. Head sweatbands can be used for so many different types of events. We’ve had people order these for team building outdoor events, major organized marathons have also ordered thousands of these for their events across the country, and by sports teams. Our sweatbands are made from a high quality terry cloth material and are made from scratch; Meaning that these are made to order to ensure that your embroidered logo or woven label (for more complex logos) is of the best quality appearance and durability.

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Wristbands: Our sports wristbands come in our standard 3” x 3” size but are also available in other set sizes. One great thing about our custom wrist sweatbands is that they are 100% customizable. Meaning that not only will they have your logo embroidered on them they can also be made to fit your specific dimension needs. If you need wrist sweatbands for a children’s event you can make the wristbands to better fit a child’s wrist! And guess what? You can customize your wrist sweatbands with absolutely no set up fees!

custom promotional wrisbtands
Silicone Wristbands: Silicone wristbands have become such a popular way for companies, businesses and bands to share their logo, their message, and their name. The silicone wristband comes in a variety of width options—the most popular being the 1” silicone wristbands. Hundreds of companies that order use these for fundraising, promotional events, band merchandise, souvenirs, and thousands of other events. Your logo will look great in your choice of emboss or other various style options.

custom promotional silicone wristbands custom silicone wristbands for any business

These wearables are great and are able to be used for thousands of different events. One thing we pride ourselves with here at is that we offer you amazing and high quality products without any pesky set-up fees and we also are firm believers in free shipping. Your next event will be styled well and look great when a crowd of people are buying and wearing your new custom swag! Didn’t quite find what you’re looking for within this article? Give us a call! We’re glad to help make some suggestions for you!

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