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So you’re sitting there at your desk or starting at your smartphone because the title of this article has intrigued you or has promised to be the answer to your problem. What’s your problem?  (That is being said in the most rhetorical of forms not in the whole “Whatsamatta wid ya! Whats ya problem?” tone by the way). Well, it doesn’t take a genius to know that this article is about koozies. They are a magical and fantastic creation made by the beverage gods—but how will they work for you?

It’s easy to know that marketing and advertising are usually on a very specific budget based on whatever the business may be. If you are the person in charge of the budget then you know all about it. While there are many ways to go about advertising it is my bold opinion to say that customizing products to either giveaway, sell, or use as a part of a strategy to engage with consumers is the smartest way to use a portion – if not all—of your marketing budget.

Again, based on the size of your company your advertising budget will differentiate and so will the type of product you will want to use. And alas, here I am—to tell you about a product that will not only be a very budget friendly product that comes in a variety of styles; it will also serve as a terrific giveaway or selling product for a variety of companies. I hope that your company will be one among the thousands that could potentially use this product.

Now let’s begin with the obvious—bars and pubs. Your logo on a koozie can be a great way for bars to sell beer.If you are a sports bar; have you thought about the effects of football season at your bar? What about the super bowl? Offering a free jersey can koozie with the logo and colors of the top two football teams at the end of the season is a great way for teams to show off their team colors while leaving them with an awesome souvenir for the next time they crack open a beer in the comfort of their home.

Food trucks—yes, food trucks! The food truck business is on the rise and that is not only a fact for Portland, Oregon. Many cities continue to see a large and growing number of top quality food trucks in their cities. The city of Durham, North Carolina has also seen an increase and a better market for the food truck industry as well.  Food trucks are back and they are showing you that they are not only there to serve food at constructions sites—some are now offering more top quality food!

The more people become fans of your food the easier it will be to offer them an exclusive koozie with their favorite bottled beverage. Obviously most food trucks don’t offer any special seating areas so a comfortable sleeve for a drink is sure to be a much appreciated giveaway or up sell and a fantastic souvenir for them to crave and remember your delicious food.

A koozie can also be a more inexpensive way for your charity, non-profit organization, or awareness project to raise money for whatever cause it is you are supporting. Your koozies can be sold for double or even up to triple the cost of what you have originally customized them for. A catchy slogan or simple logo can be used to both raise awareness for your organization as well as raise some money for your amazing cause; simple, inexpensive, and effective.

If you are a major company that is sponsoring any event or are a company in the midst of promoting a brand new product then you know the importance of branding on everything. If you are holding an event you make sure to go over and above on signage as well as napkins, banners, gift bags, beverage glasses, etc. with your logo. The problem with this tactic is that although it makes a very strong impact for the attendees at the time of whoever s event they are attending they will soon forget who hosted or sponsored the event. A customized keepsake may be the way to go—a slap koozie is a fun and different way to promote your brand or new product with a guarantee that it will not be soon forgotten.

Whatever your event, business, organization, or need may be you can count on personalized koozies to be a sure way to go. This is a great giveaway product and fundraising tool. Not sure if custom koozies will work for your event? Have a question or concern? Our team is here and available to help! Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287.

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