Need Custom Merchandise for your Band / Music Group? Try These Inexpensive but Amazing Customizable Products

Many bands want unique items to sell as merch, but they are mostly easier talked about than actually bought and sold at their merchandise booth. Stickers, buttons and t shirts are the usual suspects. Why never anything unique? Check out these two items:

Sweatbands with your bands logo Embroidered

Embroidered wristbands and headbands are amazing because they are both ultra light to carry around on tour and they are inexpensive as well, meaning more of a return on your investment. Many musicians we work with choose sweatbands as their favorite product and it’s really not a shock because they are a one-size-fits-all product. Unlike running out of Large T Shirts, you’ll never run out of sweatbands because they don’t fit. It’s very versatile and many logo’s can be applied to them. The 3 most popular options we offer are custom headbands, armbands and wristbands.

One Inch Silicone Wristbands with your bands Logo

These are HOT right now. Depending on how wide your bands current reach is you can sell these for anywhere from $5 to $10. We’ve worked with some really big performers on these custom one inch wristbands. You can choose from different fonts or even upload your own custom logo. Really, anything is possible.

Slap Bands Custom with your bands Logo

These are addicting to play with! Slap bands have recently come into popularity even though they have been around a while. These bands slap around your wrist and snap back into place. Trust me, you can not stop playing with these things. So if you get some custom slap bands for your band / group this could be an amazing marketing item!

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