Custom Printed Matches for your Bar – Put your Pubs Logo on a Matchbox

custom matches for bars - bulk matchboxes

There are literally tons of advertising items all around every bar – coasters, banners, napkins, cups and many more. Customizing a box of matches with your bar or nightclubs logo is another great addition to these, especially if you have a lot of smokers. Little items like these actually make a big difference when it comes to people remembering your brand. Some people think it is better to do everything the generic (plain) way, but I will go into why that doesn’t work long term. A custom box of matches can also work very well for cross marketing if your target market hangs out in bars.

Generic Matchbox over a Branded

Sure, it’s easy to think – why would I want to spend extra money to print my bars name / artwork on a box of matches? Will it really make that big of a difference? The truth is it won’t cost you much more money and it will give you a brand advantage over your competition. It may seem silly but tiny details like custom napkins, drinkware, bottle openers and more will unconsciously be remembered by your foot traffic. People usually take a box of matches with them when they leave that bar, wherever it goes it has your bars logo on it instead of being plain. It starts conversations about your brand – “So you were at that bar tonight, how was it?”. Any of these small, often forgot about items like a matches around your bar can have a big effect on your promotional efforts. These items also have an effect on your employees / staff because people like to feel like they are a part of something. If everything is plain jane they won’t feel as attached to the environment – same goes for your customers.

Cross Marketing (Advertising) with a Box of Matches

Yes, it’s possible to sell advertising on a matchbox! In most cases though, a company that is affiliated with the bar industry will give away a bulk order of matches to select bars for free and the bars / pubs will use them. This is an extremely effective way to use an advertising item to your benefit and at the same time hardly spending any money. Of course this can be done with more items than just matches, but matches are a pretty safe bet since people usually hang on to them and they have a larger spot for your company’s logo.

Have multiple locations? No worries – you can design your custom match boxes and purchase them in bulk at wholesale pricing – making them very inexpensive. If you are ready to get started on your custom imprinted matchboxes give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 or choose a product and click “request info”.

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