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Being the owner or manager of any major or small business means you are going to have an influence; not only on your community but on the people who come to your establishment, visit your website, or see your advertisements. Some people forget that the way they present information to the public is important—remember your influence is present in the community, even if it is only present to the community relevant to you.

Keeping up with supporting causes you believe in will be an incredibly important thing when it comes to showing who your company is and what they care about. Do you support a cause to raise awareness for a certain illness? Are you using your influence in your community to promote something you are passionate about and want to be shown throughout your company?

Keeping your values and morals within your company visible to the public can always be a great thing—as long as you stray from posting on controversial topics: politics etc.

Companies are now joining the health movement by providing and encouraging healthy foods and activities. Major companies like Zappos, Nike, Progressive Healthcare, & Twitter provide their employees with resources to keep them healthy. Breaks consist of company work outs, games and other fun activities to make sure they keep their bodies just as fit as their minds. Some of these companies go as far as providing each team member with gym memberships, staff refrigerators stocked with healthy snacks, and even healthcare benefits such as dentist’s and doctors available when needed.


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Don’t worry though; you don’t have to provide incredible amenities like these to your employees in order to encourage health and fitness to your employees with in your company. Small businesses are getting in on the action too! Companies like Sonic Notify and Healthy Labs provide healthy lunches and snack for their employees and organize team hiking trips and outdoor lunches.


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Your company can make a difference. Whether you choose to go all out, choose to provide a gym membership, provide healthy snacks, or simply provide guides for your company. Not only should you promote these values within your company; Make sure to use your values reach your clients and customers. Obesity continues to grow in America and it is up to everyone with an influence to make a difference.


Choose simple products to customize to give out to both your employees and customers while keeping branding and promotion in mind. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get your message across.

Sports water bottles can be a great product to customize and the variety of options you have will be perfect for whatever sport or activity you are trying to cater to. They will help make sure people drink plenty of water and they may even help encourage people to stop drinking drink’s that contain nothing but ingredients that are bad for their health. Sports water bottles are also great for companies that are also trying to keep waste to the environment to a minimum.

Custom products like drawstring bags with reflectors, sunglasses, and sunscreen can all be excellent products to hand out to employees as well as customers. Organize an outdoors trip to the nearest hiking trail, beach, or park. Your employees and customers will enjoy some free products while you keep them healthy and still promote your brand wonderfully and simply.

We offer a wide variety of products that can be used to promote health and wellness in your work environment that can be used in multiple ways. Whether you are organizing a small health related block party in your community, handing out health and wellness products with each purchase at your business, or simply want to provide a little something for your employees you can be assured that they will be receiving a great message and motivator. Call us now to get started 1-877-287-9287!

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