The Right Custom Seasons Greeting Gifts To Keep You from Being Just Another Card In The Waste Basket

custom promotional products for the holiday season

The holidays are undoubtedly the best time of year! I mean they’ve even written songs about it! Andy Williams even knows it – that classic voice and song reminding you that the most wonderful time of the year is here — getting you ready for all those ugly Christmas sweater parties or family gatherings. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Didn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Okay, while I do admit it may be just a tad bit early to be a bit over excited for the holidays—it’s an exciting time! I, personally, count thanksgiving in this whole deal too. I mean after all it’s at the end of November right before the December holidays officially start.

If you are here right now I am sure it’s because you are looking for the perfect gift to give to your most loyal customers– a thank you; if you will. The end of the year marks the perfect time to do that and will also give you the best advantage compared to your competition.

Making the time to genuinely thank your customers is important and the best way to finish off a year.

When the holidays end and the new year is ready to begin people are making changes and tossing old habits. The things they may have done earlier that year will be soon forgotten and you want to make sure that isn’t the case with your company. Whether you’ve managed to create an amazing relationship with your customers or if you think product or service you have provided for them will be something they may need again that year or for years to follow you need to make sure that the relationship and rapport you build with them feels more like a friendship than a business relationship.

The perfect gift or gesture can go a long, long way! So let us begin. 🙂

Alright, I want to start by giving you an example. Say you are a business that offers a tangible product/service and you want to give your customers a free product, be it something they usually purchase from you or a new related product you’d like them to try, this can be a great opportunity to  really drive your brand.

Custom gift wrapping paper. Yup– it;s that easy. If you really want your brand to be visible and the gift you’re sending to be clear; you need to make sure you’re logo and brand name are all over that very special gift. Pictures and words of gratitude will be posted to their favorite social media networks and they will absolutely tell their friends about you. — and even if they don’t they will definitely have a very positive attitude towards you.

Personalized wrapping paper can contain anything ranging from wrapping paper completely covered with your logo and a few holiday photos to a special message or promotion that you are offering only to your exclusive gift recipients. The gift wrapping paper essentially allows you to have full control of what you send to your consumers.

Ornaments will be the best way for any business to say, “Hey! Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours.” The beauty of these shatter-proof ornaments is that they can be given out by a mom and pop shop, a up and coming business, or even major chains and companies.

Ornaments are available in opaque and translucent colors and can have your logo on them prominently or can instead display a friendly message or season’s greeting with your logo discreetly placed to give it better chances of being used. It would be a great addition to any tree and your employees would more thank likely love to have one to call their own.

The best way to make a great impression is by giving some treats! Edible gifts are the best and more so during the holiday season. Anything from candies and chocolates to cookies to even gift boxes will all of the above will make a great gift for the individual you are trying to thank or for company as a whole — small businesses mostly or select locations — will surely devour and thank you for their treats.

It should be top priority for you to make your customers happy on a day to day regular business day basis and taking the time to thank them should also be top tier! The holidays are a great time to make an awesome impression. No matter what you choose to do be sure that your gift is personal; because well all know we usually ignore those generic seasons greetings cards and e-mails we get every year from our banks and dentists. Let us help you be unique this holiday season!

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