Custom Promotional Full Color Bookmarks – The What, Why, and, How.

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Here at Custom On It we offer a large variety of products. From high-end to eco-friendly we offer products that will work perfectly for you and help you shine at your next event. Selecting the right product is essential when it comes to customizing promotional products. What kind of event will you be organizing next? Custom bookmarks are versatile and offer you the great option of high-quality full color imprint. Here are some ways that custom bookmarks will be useful for your next event.


Authors do a great job when it comes to promoting their books; and book signings tend to be their best way to promote their new stories and talk with fans. While book signings are great there are inexpensive and great ways for authors to promote their book when they can’t be there in person.

Bookmarks can be a smart product to give to bookstores and libraries when you are an author trying to promote your new book; this way bookstores and libraries can easily give these away to consumers. Place the author’s name, an intriguing synopsis of the story and a few detailed and bold illustrations and every consumer will definitely want a free bookmark.

This is a simple, smart, and inexpensive way to promote your book easily and steadily.

Special Offers

Any business selling a product or service can use bookmarks as a tool for promoting special offers! Special offers can be subtle and don’t necessarily have to take up all the space on the bookmark itself. The bookmark can contain the name of your business, a contact phone number, and a colorful, creative, and tantalizingly beautiful picture or illustration that will make everyone want a bookmark of their own. Your special offer can be anywhere from a special discount for their next purchase or a creative coupon code for online purchases.


Raising awareness for a cause is not always easy—it’s also not something that is inexpensive to do. There are hundreds of custom inexpensive promotional products that can easily work for raising awareness for your cause but bookmarks can be a straightforward way of doing so. A book mark will offer you a creative way to show stats to easily inform the receivers of your bookmark. You can tell them all about what you’re raising awareness for and why it’s so important. Information about your cause will easily be shown on the bookmark along with your information. If you are raising awareness for cancer, autism, fire safety, or even greenhouse gases your information will be easily seen by readers of all ages! You can give these bookmarks away at any of your organized events.

Full color bookmarks and sticky note bookmarks are fully customizable and will work for you and your next event. No matter the occasion or the audience you are trying to reach this product will allow you to create an ad that will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people once you receive your order. It will be a great replacement for a business card or even an advertisement. Need custom promotional product ideas to specifically fit your next event or budget? We are here and happy to help! Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 so we can get started.

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