Custom Promotional Products for Realtors – How Branded Giveaways Can Help Your Real Estate Agency

custom promotional products for realtors custom promotional products for real estate companies

It’s safe to say that there is a lot of competition for realtors. Ever since the Real Estate Market Crash of 2007; it’s been hard for some companies and individuals to recover. Although there is hope! According to an article from Forbes; “New reports from several real estate research firms signify that home prices are finally stabilizing.” Make sure that you are being as smart as you can be with the budgets that you have for your business. Promotional products can help boost the number of customers you may receive! With the market beginning to stabilize you should be getting prepared for an increased number of people shopping for houses.

Jumbo Sized Business Balloons: Making sure you go noticed and don’t just “blend in” is an important task. Aside from building a great rapport with your clients one of your main focuses should be to grasp their attention. The number of realtors and realties is high—these Jumbo sized balloons will help you stand aside from the crown and make sure you are seen. A great feature about these balloons is that they are long lasting! So if you are holding an open house event or are just trying to draw some attention to your business office these balloons will stay afloat for roughly 2-5 days. They are an incredibly high-quality product and the fact that they are bio-degradable makes them friendly for our environment as well.

Branded Letter Openers: Having small and useful giveaway products is important. You want your potential customers to keep you in mind and you want your long time clients to be able to tell their friends about you as well. Making sure you give them a product that will keep your information at hand is a great way to do so. Our letter openers are ergonomically shaped for comfortable use and will hold all of your information perfectly. A letter opener is something that will be in the home, office, desk, and even car of the recipient!

Flashlight Rectangle Key-chains: Key-chains are one of the smartest ways to promote a brand or business. As an individual realtor or as a part of a realty you must know that you, yourself, are a brand. As an individual realtor you have to promote yourself as most brands do. Offering a key-chain that consumers will actually use is huge! That’s why we suggest this flashlight key-chain; the flashlight will encourage the use of the key-chain more and will help them keep you or your realty in mind.

Candy Window Tin: Finally, a sweet treat can go a very long way sometimes and will also be a great way to offer a simple gift. Working as a realtor I’m sure you’ve worked with your fair share of families; Toddlers and young kids will sometimes no be very patient while sitting at an office or providing tours of homes that they are interested in. These Candy Window Tins come with just the right amount of treats and will also contain your logo and information! Parents will surely appreciate the small gift and gesture.

Custom promotional giveaways are essential for every realtor. Having some key products will ensure that you are one step ahead of your competition. These products will serve as smarter ways to promote yourself or your realty. Gain attention with our custom inflatables or give your name out creatively with the hundreds of products we offer. Need more ideas for custom products? Are you looking for products that will better fit your budget? Give us a call! We’re here and more than happy to help.

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