Custom Promotional Products for Restaurants Aren’t Only For Restaurants—Wait, What?


Well, sort of.

I mean– when someone mentions the word restaurant the first thing that comes to mind is  place where you sit down with a menu, order some food, someone brings it, etc. etc. Well today I don’t just want to tell you about that.

Let me break it down for you a bit better:

The foodie society is larger than ever and you can definitely tell– especially with social media platforms like Instagram. The opportunity for almost free marketing is waiting for you to take advantage of it. Remember me telling you about this before? Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and even Pinterest users want to post your logo on their profile. The right products for your food or beverage establishment can create a much higher and more loyal clientele base for you and your business.

Customizing products for your business can be an amazing way to ensure you build the brand loyalty you seek. If you are a small business or a big business you can definitely benefit from simple products by adding them replacing them with the generic tools you use from day to day.

The Products

Choosing from products you’ll use in the establishment itself can be a great way to add some social media leverage and opportunities for your business. Depending on the exact type of food or drink establishment you can definitely find some positive results when putting your logo on napkins, to-go cups, glass mugs, and even plastic bags!

Once you’ve charmed your way into the hearts– stomachs of your guests they will definitely be excited to tell their friends of what amazing food they’ve just enjoyed with you! Be creative and offer souvenirs for your guest to take home with their purchase. Your logo on a poker chip, silicone wristband, stickers, or even something they could use from day to day like a bottle opener key-chain.

These products are going to be a great addition to your establishment. Think your restaurant doesn’t quite fall into these categories? Well my dear, dear, readers let me give you some examples of some great places here in Las Vegas that might sound pretty close to your lovely place. 🙂


Calling all Mom & Pop Shops!


Seriously, some of the most amazing food i’ve had has been from mom and pop shops. They are cute as a button and they just feel so homey. They are the best way and the best place to enjoy food. The only bad part is that you’ve usually got some big competition don’t you? Big chains like Buffalo Wild Wings can be some major competition for your small Wings shop/bar. Let those custom products help you beat them!

Foodies & Food Trucks Unite

vegas streats food truck monthly festival

Haven’t you heard? The mobile food industry is on the rise and will be the next best way to get your food at your favorite events and selected street corners. These mobile food places are some of the best to go to when trying to get some inexpensive and delicious high quality food. If you’re still iffy about food trucks don’t be– or you’ll be missing out. Vegas Streats is our food truck community– they hold events every second Saturday of the month! If you are ever in town check them out.

No Sugar. No Sweets. No Service.

sweet addiction locally owned mom and pop shop las vegas

While they aren’t a new thing– there are tons of small locally owned and operated restaurants that are getting very creative with the sweets that they have to offer you. Take a local establishment for us here in Las Vegas for example. Make your ultimate cookie ice cream sandwich on one of their freshly made cookies with your choice of Thrifty brand ice cream– YUM!!

Make sure your place is just as stylish as the major food chains– but with your own added twist of individual flare. Did I miss some good examples? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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