Customize Slap Koozies – A Unique Promotional Item for your Next Event

Slap Koozies custom for events

Looking for a unique product to give out at your next event? Slap beverage insulators, as they are sometimes referred to, are great for both brand promotion at parties and as a giveaway during conventions if your target market are usually beer drinkers. We have worked with everyone from fraternities to large corporations on customizing these in bulk for various events – promotion, giveaways, merchandise and more!

What exactly is a slap koozie?

Basically, slap koozies are identical to our promotional slap bracelets. They have metal rods in them that allow them to “snap” to your beer or beverage and keep them cold all day long! This type of drink insulation works very well and is a lot more mobile than your standard drink insulator. You can easily take this off and put it on another beer or beverage when you are ready, whereas normal koozies can sometimes be more of a hassle.

We decided to offer the option to customize slap koozies in bulk and as it turns out our customers love them! You can print your logo in high quality on these and use them during many different occasions – weddings, graduations, corporate parties, family re-unions, etc. They are great to use as a promotional item to show off your logo or creative idea.

Sell these Beverage Insulators as Merchandise for Big Bucks!

We have worked with many promotional companies and also large brands on developing these as merchandise. Whether you are a beverage business or the people who are attending your event are beer drinkers, slap koozies are an attractive buy. Since they are so lightweight and at the same time inexpensive, they make the perfect item to sell at various events. Some of our clients also sell them online which may fit your company perfectly.

The Most Fun / Unique Promotional item for Drinkers

Slap koozies are a very fun item. What do we mean by this? Unlike standard specialty advertising giveaways, you will find that your target market plays with these – snapping them to their wrist and even to their friends arms. Since these koozies are much more fun to play with than normal beverage insulators you will notice that your brand gets much more exposure. Not only more exposure, but also a sense of happiness associated with it.

If you are interested in purchasing snap koozies and putting your brands logo on them give us a call today at 1-877-287-9287 or simply click on the product on this page to upload your logo. All of our pricing has bulk discounts and wholesale price discounts, so these will be very cost effective for your next event.

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