Customizing Merchandise for your Brand

Custom Brand Merchandise

Let’s face it, T-Shirts are getting pretty boring when it comes to custom merchandise for your business. Whether you are smaller operation or have a lot going on, more unique merchandise will go a lot further expressing your organization.

Expressing your Brand

One of the things we specialize in is helping express your brands identity. The world is a pretty noisy place and if your don’t identify the type of products that will do this properly, you likely won’t be remembered. This involves 2 things – Properly defining your goals and also choosing the right unique product.

Defining Brand Goals

Are you using this product for a specific promotional event or partnership? Or is this a product that you plan on keeping for years? We have worked with both scenarios and find that number one thing that makes our top clients successful in branding via custom merchandise is their goals are bases on their target market.

One of our customers (whose company we will keep private) has a traveling road show that is extremely popular among 18-25 year old, but also their parents (40+). This particular organization knew that they needed to express their brand to both markets, but especially the younger group. They have a really simple brand and had one objective when it came to selling their merch – getting the word out about their cause. They weren’t going for style or being the coolest, they wanted people to wear the stuff they were selling or in some cases giving out for free. To do this they had to have the right products…

Choosing the Right Product

Once your know the goals when it comes to expressing your brand and who your target audience is (which you most likely already know unless you are a new company) than is it time to chose the right product to customize.

We can help you with the creative aspect of this, but to give you an example – many bars put their logo on Koozies because they know the people who come in every day drink. They will for sure use this product. But, their are other creative products depending on if you are trying to do a giveaway or sell the item. If you are just trying to do a giveaway or have your team members wear them we recommend an accessory like sweatbands, silicone wristbands, patches or even lanyards. If you are trying to sell the item you should go with something that will be meaningful.

That said, if your brand has been doing a great job of expressing itself already, you can literally sell anything. For example you could put your logo on a sweatband and sell it for $5 pr $10 a piece (which a lot of our customers have done successfully) because your have that brand worth / identity built up.

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