Embroidered Headbands for Promotional Fitness Merchandise / Giveaways

Fitness promotional headbands

We have been lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing fitness organizations such as 3 RUN, Rogue and many more. We know from our experience customizing various fitness products that one of the all-time favorites is embroidered headbands. These can be sold as merchandise, given away at a special event such as a marathon or even used as a fun way to boost moral from within an organization.

Turn a Profit with Custom Cotton Headbands

As a long time supplier of sweat bands we have seen many fitness and health organizations successfully use them to make money for their brand, charity or event. Whatever your end goal is, this is one of the most fun items you can purchase for brand merchandise. The best part is, the people who tend to purchase your branded headbands are “hardcore” about your gym or fitness operation – what I mean is they are your biggest fans. This can have a powerful effect on your word of mouth marketing because you can be sure that these brand advocates will be wearing their new swag to the grocery store, while walking their dog and just about anywhere they go!

Give sweatbands away, watch people Smile

We have worked with specialty marathons and fitness companies putting on health events. People attending such events absolutely LOVE free stuff – Silicone wristbands, bags, key chains and you guessed it: embroidered head bands. These bands are perfect for fitness gatherings because people associated them with sweating and getting a work out. Our cotton wristbands are a great addition to custom head sweat bands, as some people will want the “full 80s fitness effect”!


80s fitness

Headbands for… your whole fitness team!

One of the most unique ways to use custom embroidered headbands is to put your logo on them and give them to all your employees / team members. This is internal branding at its best because it’s fun and also a bit goofy which puts a smile on people’s faces. There is nothing like a promotional item that can make people happy or boost the morale of an organization – especially in the fitness industry.

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