Frisbees Keep This Church’s Name Flying High

custom frisbees

How can a small town church spread the word about its mission and keep its name flying high?

Ask Andy Sayer, Lead Pastor of Fayette Community Church. “We’re a church that’s been in our small Iowa college town (population 1400 people) for 90 years.  We’re a family-oriented church, with a strong emphasis on engaging our community.”

The town hosts a festival parade that draws many people from the county. “We wanted to give away something at the parade that would display our logo and website but wouldn’t be thrown in the trash afterward,” commented Andy. “Something of quality that people – especially kids – would use over and over again.”

What did Fayette Community Church do?

They ordered custom frisbees – and WOW – were they popular – to everyone of all ages!
custom frisbees
“We should’ve ordered more, because we gave them away and ran out halfway through the parade.  We never saw any lying around afterward, which to us, tells that it was a successful giveaway.”
Frisbees do make a great giveaway for four reasons:

  1. They’re a quality product that’s inexpensive (and who doesn’t love that?)
  2. There’s lots of room to print on it
  3. People hold on to them, which reinforces your name/brand each time they see it
  4. They’re very popular with a younger demographic – perfect for an event like this parade where there’s lots of kids (but don’t worry – adults love ’em too!)

Fayette Community Church was able to get their name into the right airspace to help them soar. “Our church seeks to show generosity to our community.  We believe that the church should add value to the community and be a vital part of it.”  The Church provides free suppers each Wednesday to many kids and teens in the community.  Their biggest outreach event is the Easter Egg Hunt.  “We’re on our way to hiding 10,000 eggs this year and to be the go-to event of our area this Spring.”

Sounds like more promotional items will be needed for this upcoming event. But for now, the Fayette Community Church is flying high with name recognition and positive feedback from the frisbee giveaway.


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