What Are The Best Giveaways for Bars & Nightclubs?

Bar / Nightclub promotional items

When it comes to promoting your bar or nightclub, offering giveaways is a great way to bring in new clientele. A simple yet effective free gift not only works as advertising but also helps to develop your corporate identity and gives customers a sense of added value to their night out. Well chosen promo items can significantly increase the volume of customers visiting your establishment and don’t have to cost a fortune. Since there are literally thousands of giveaway ideas which can be used to promote bars and clubs, we offer some suggestions of which promotional items will work best for you.

Can and Bottle Koozies

Koozies are an extremely popular choice for nightclub and bar promoters. Designed to insulate standard sized drink cans or bottles, koozies make a very high quality gift and appeal to a wide target audience. This high quality promotional item ticks the all important box of being useful, which means that customers will take it home and reuse it. In terms of advertising, koozies offer several options and plenty of space to include details such your web address. You can go for a bold look which focuses on your brand with custom logo printed design on a color background , or choose an exciting full color print design for a modern look.


Custom Sweatbands


Trendy and fun, custom sweatbands are a giveaway which have maximum take-home appeal and will remind clientele of the fantastic night out that they had in your bar or club. Made from high quality materials in a choice of colors, sweatbands can be completely customized to give you the look and feel which matches your business’ personality. Embroidered logos have a powerful visual impact, while woven labels offer a creative touch that is unique to your business.




Lanyards make a great gift for bars and nightclubs which are looking to appeal to the younger party crowd. Worn around the neck with a clip for keys or other small items, both male and female clients will find this giveaway to be handy and will keep it for future use. Lanyards are a particularly good giveaway at concerts and other dance events, as they offer an alternative to keeping valuables in a pocket where they can easily be lost. Although lanyards have a smaller space for logo printing than the other items mentioned, you can have your details woven or printed on to give that essential personalized finish.

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