Giveaways for the Kids and Kids at Heart

Aren’t you tired of giving away ordinary, boring giveaways? I mean, who wants to get another pen at the convention?

We’re not saying that the usual types of giveaways don’t work anymore – they do! Pens, totes, shirts are still indispensible tools in marketing your business. However, your customers may be looking for something a little more fun this time, so how about shaking things up a bit and have a bit of fun at the next trade show with some toy giveaways?

Whether your target customers are still learning their ABCs or running their own small business, anyone who is a kid at heart will surely appreciate these toys/gaming items. Instead of giving them something they can only use personally, these items can be enjoyed with their loved ones. We’ve got some great ideas to get you started:

Teddy bears


Grown or not, everybody can find a home for a teddy bear. Gentlemen can give it to their SOs, ladies can add it to their collections and of course, kids can use it to keep them company while they sleep. They make for adorable office ornaments as well.



Need we say more? Candy always comes in handy during tradeshows. We recommend putting them in nice containers (like the ones above) with your logo and contact number so that even after the mints run out, they would still have a little piece of your business if they decide to reuse the canister.



When was the last time you played with a Frisbee? It’s time to relive some of your fondest childhood memories with the disk and maybe even introduce the younger generation to it as well. It’s about time somebody gets them off their computers and get them to start playing outside again, don’t you think?


the_art_kite_diamond (1)

Oh, don’t act like you, an adult, won’t have a good time with a kite once spring rolls in. Have a bit of fun at the park with your kids, nieces or friends by flying a kite!

Piggy bank


It’s never too late or early to start saving up for a rainy day! I have one of these where I put my spare change. I open them up when Christmas comes along and voila! Extra shopping money!



Inspire kids to create something with their hands with putty. It’s safe to use and comes in vibrant colors that will surely be noticed by many.

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