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Having personalized merchandise to better boost your company can be a tactful way to promote your company or business. Creating custom promotional merchandise may bring you more income as well as give your gym/studio more recognition. There is a variety of customizable products that you may use that will appeal to your clients. Going out of the normal items may be just what you need to boost some sales.

Here are some items you may want to consider customizing when making your next purchase!

Acrylic Tumblers- For the gym goers pre/post work-out smoothie. Whether they have it on the way to the gym, at the gym, or leave it to be used at home this will be a popular item.

Drawstring bags- Are a very easy & lightweight form to carry personal items. Be it stinky gym shoes or soaked gym clothes they will be able to carry around their belongings without having to worry about ruining a nice bag or backpack.

Duffle bags- These can be used for the more heavy duty or busy gym goer; perhaps even someone who needs to have a duffle bag ready to go after work, school, or an office meeting. Duffle bags can provide ample space and durability.

Bandanas- For the ever so sweaty body builder or for the runner that just wants to keep her hair out of their face bandanas are a great for that! There are tons of ways to use these both for a work out and accessory.

Water Bottles- Having custom water bottles provides an eco-friendly option for your clients. They promote less waste in the environment and save money for your client as well! They are able to use their water bottles repeatedly without having to purchase new ones.

Lanyards-Finally, this can be a great item for those who don’t want to carry a purse or gym bag with them. Having something to hold their keys or ID will suffice for them. This may also be good for the ones that are always losing their keys, it would easily allow them to keep them in a visible spot or have as a designated key holder for their locker. If you want to give your clients an ID badge to gain access into the gym this may also be an item to consider.

These are just a few of the items that you can customize and sell for your gym/studio outside of the commonplace merchandise that you are used to seeing. These are all some exciting new items that you can sell to your customers–Items that they are bound to purchase not only for their practical use but for their overall appeal. Making these items your own is easy! Give us a call and we can get you started with some image layouts so that you may get a better idea of what your products will look like.


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