How To Celebrate Boss’s Day


Today is National Boss’s Day. You may be wondering, Is that really a thing? Hallmark just made that up to sell more cards. However, it is a real holiday and it started in Illinois in 1958 by a secretary named Patricia Bays Haroski. Her goal was to show her appreciate for her boss (who was also her father) and encourage intra-office respect. The day serves to boost moral, improve relationships and show appreciate for the difficult job of managing people.

Boss’ Day is a great time to put any work frustrations aside and acknowledge the tough job your manager has. You may be a manager yourself and appreciate how hard it is to meet goals, make progress and keep people on track day after day.

Take this opportunity to recognize what your boss does and how hard he or she works. You can do this a few different ways:

It’s the little things

Say thank you. It’s as simple as that. Let you supervisor know face-to-face that you notice the hard work he or she does and appreciate the guidance and leadership.

Bring in a small gift like a cup of coffee or a card to say thank you. You do not have to go above and beyond to show your appreciation. This is appropriate if you do not have a very close or strong relationship with your boss, but want to show your support.

If you’re good friends

Balloons, a gift card or an edible treat for your boss is another way to show you’re paying attention and care.

If you’re especially close with your boss, you can purchase a small gift or take your boss out to lunch on Friday.

Make a day of it

You can show your support and appreciate for the whole company by getting personalized swag. Getting a stress ball for the whole team or all the managers in your office is a clever way to acknowledge the stress they face in their jobs.

Get each manager a mug with their name or a unique superlative to fill in the blank of this line: “World’s ____ Boss”. You can choose funniest, most sarcastic, sweetest, or best dressed to show how your boss is special.

Make a pin or button with your boss’s face or “Thank you, [name]” as if he or she is a politician running for public office. Then give one to everyone in the office to wear for the day. See how long it takes her to notice.

What are the ways you say thank you?

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